Keeping secrets

I feel a bit guilty when people congratulate me on keeping the blog “real” … because there’s a vast chunk of my life that I don’t write about. Some of the craziest “real” stuff that happens never makes it into print.

I choose not to go there because I don’t want to hurt others or create (more) problems. But MY GAWD the stories I could tell you …

I swear, I could provide the writers of The Young And The Restless – or Days of Our Lives or whichever one of those daytime soap operas is still running – with plot lines for the next year.

Truth is vastly stranger and more tumultuous than fiction.

I also try and keep a balance between the “up” and the “down.” Sometimes I don’t tell you how blergh I’m feeling because, well, it gets a bit dull if I bang on about it too much (just ask my ex).

I spent months sobbing in the shower in early 2014 when my marriage ended. And I’ve battled the blues over the past month because crazy stuff – and people – in the other life. But I’m happy to say I’ve been singing in the shower the past few mornings.

When I can’t tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I’ll often scatter a few “easter eggs” in my posts.

Not the chocolate kind …

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog called Secret Messages explaining what “easter eggs” were: secret jokes or references that directors hide in movies.
Or, in my case, the blog. Often they’re in the Song of The Day, sometimes they’re in the post itself.
They’re my way of getting things off my chest when I’ve had to keep my cards close.
And I don’t know why I’m telling you about them again, other than because they’re called “easter eggs” and it’s Good Friday …
I hope you have a lovely Easter with friends or family or both.
The kids and I are planning to laze around playing board games, visit some dear friends who live by the beach and spend a day at the Royal Easter Show with their dad. I’m also bolting up to Newcastle to check on my mum following her knee replacement.
Next week I’ll be approaching one of my life’s many, many, many crossroads and decisions will need to be made. But that’s DAYS away. For now I’m singing in the shower, missing DD (who’s off at another music festival) and counting my many blessings.
Have a good one, filled with lots of easter eggs.
The chocolate kind!
Song of the day: The Angels “No secrets”

4 thoughts on “Keeping secrets

  1. Remember whatever decision you make unless it’s illegal it will be the right one. Thinking of you as you process your choices because I’m sure that like me even if it is days away you will be thinking about all the whys, how’s and what ifs.

    Have a lovely break xo

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