Time for a makeover

A bit like me, HouseGoesHome has been looking a little old and tired.

I might not be able to afford to nip and tuck for myself, but I CAN do a DIY job on my blog.

I haven’t given the site a makeover for YEARS.

I’ve been very slack, I’ve been so busy with work and single mum life that I don’t even get around to classifying my stories any more, so all those sub-headings I had up the top about celebrity, food, motherguilt, blah, blah, blah were completely pointless because I haven’t put anything in them for as long as I can remember.

I got such a shock when I had a stickybeak at my dear friend Franki Hobson’s eponymous new website, 5 Things I Know About. Her site is so gloriously bright and modern. She did it all herself too. She’s a marvel and a wonder.

Franki was my work experience girl when I was deputy editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. She was the best work experience girl I have EVER met. She blew me away with her enthusiasm and talent.

Twenty years later, nothing has changed – she’s still one of the most dynamic journalists I know and a great mate too.

Whenever I see her she’s always so kind and encouraging and full of good advice.

We ate Thai food and talked a mile a minute together last night. So many words were crammed into two short hours. Mainly about love and work, our two favourite topics.

She thinks it’s a great idea for me to write a book and renovate HouseGoesHome. I think she was a little startled by how drab the site is looking.

So I’m going to start exploring a makeover for the old bird.

Stay tuned as I experiment, let me know if you like the new looks I’m trying out …

And don’t forget to check out 5 Things I Know About.

Song of the day: Kate Bush “Babooshka”

5 thoughts on “Time for a makeover

Add yours

  1. Your makeover looks awesome! Thanks for all the kind words, but I learned from the best. You were, and still are, an amazingly talented journo. I can’t wait to see your website makeover experimentation. I’ll be back daily. Now wait, twice daily xx

  2. Love the purple rinse. Not sure if it is the settings on my computer but it’s really really big and a little difficult to see everything without scrolling sideways.
    Have the best Easter !!

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