My awkward International Women’s Day


I was born believing equality was a given.

WHY on EARTH would anyone regard me as second class because of my sex?

The idea that a man might think I’m not his equal perturbs me greatly.

(For example, that dickwad US senator who announced last year: “Well, you know God created man first. Then he took the rib out of man to make woman.  And you know, a rib is a lesser cut of meat.”)

Don’t EVER suggest I deserve less because I have a vagina or I will get VERY cross.

Does that make me a feminist?

I’m not sure.

When Kim Kardashian posted her latest nude selfie yesterday morning, I was pretty easily convinced to write a story about it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I saw the shot in my Instagram feed, my eyes rolled SO hard.

Put it AWAY Kim!

And, as I noted in my article: “Does the world really need another photograph of a naked Kardashian?”

No. They. Don’t.

But I knew people would be all over it like the latest flavour of Cadbury Marvellous Creations. They just can’t help themselves.

Click here if you fancy the TMI, totally understand if you don’t.

People went berko at me.

Oh, the angst!

How dare I write such drivel on International Women’s Day!

To be honest, I’d forgotten it was International Women’s Day … it was 6am when I spotted the pic and I was too busy getting my head around Single Mothering Day (which is EVERY day this week because my ex is overseas).

So I went with it.

My mistake may have been reporting a parenting website saying her selfie was “important”: “What’s refreshing is to see a woman in the public eye holding onto the person she was before she became ‘mom’ and celebrating it.”

Here are just a few of the outraged comments I received:

She is a tart and a selfish moron. We should not be praising her for this as a ‘sexy mumma’. This is so wrong as a mother. Yeah sure take sexy complete nude pics for your partner but this for the whole world to see… Absolutely not!”

“Is this unrealistic, self absorbed, selfie addicted twit meant to be a role model on International Women’s Day…What is this effing world coming too…seriously!!!”

“The world is falling apart, & you are posting about her? How about how to talk to your kids about emergency’s, or what they may need or where to meet if things go wrong, how to grow a garden, the real things mums will need to know! It is only going to get worse.”

“Couldn’t give a flying fruitcake about this woman. Never have understood why she is even “famous”. Ffs how about some stories on real women?!”

“Images and a glam story to perk those up with post baby blues or depression. It’s cheap articles like this that contributes to mental health issues.”

“On intentional women’s day I though you would do better. Let’s celebrate women who are actually changing the world!”

Hmmm, ‘intentional’ women’s day is probably a far more appropriate name for what Kim K was doing …

And on and on and on they went.

And on and on and on went clicks through to the story, from early morning to late last night.

Happy International Women’s Day!

I bet you did something waaaaaaay worthier than me to mark it …

(Although I DID write a post yesterday about saving yourself and not expecting a knight in shining armour to do it.)




4 thoughts on “My awkward International Women’s Day

  1. Love your writing. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t, sometimes it gives me a different view, sometimes it is just for entertainment. Your writing does not always have to be a serious piece. Even on International women’s day you are allowed to write whatever pleases you. People should not feel that international women’s day is the only day to write stories supporting women. Your writing covers a variety of subjects, often including feminism subjects. Feminism means believing in equality for the sexes, so you are a feminist.

  2. Oh dear! Never read the comments. Meanwhile KKs selfie reminded me of a Kath and Kim joke ‘I am woman. See me raw’. Of course I would prefer to see a naked selfie of Clive Standen on International Womens Day because I am woman and that would make me roar. Sorry but its just too much fun.

  3. I liked Bette Midler’s comment “she’d have to swallow the camera to show us something we hadn’t already seen”. If people are that incensed, why did they click on the article and read it? I see the name Kardashian (or Jenner, for that matter) and I just scroll on by. The outrage means nothing because they took the bait. Blow them off. And I loved your post yesterday. We can and do rescue ourselves, and are then beholden to no one. Look at the fairy stories. The knight doesn’t rescue the maiden, he just transfers her to a different holding cell.

    And yeah, you are a feminist. Be proud of it.

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