Oscars 2016: all my favourite (distracting) selfies

I have a story to tell tomorrow about why yesterday was so hard for me. Well, half a story. I’m not ready to tell you the WHOLE story. One day …

Anyways, it’s too complicated to even try and combine half of my sorry tale with my Oscar selfies round up.

So you’ll have to wait.

I’m getting good with the teasing, aren’t I?

The Oscars kept my mind off things rather nicely. I was glued to my Instagram feed all day.

Here are some of my favourite (off-camera) moments …

(I’m going to give the unpopular opinion that I didn’t cheer for Leonardo DiCaprio because I’m not entirely sure he’s very nice to women in real life. Please set me straight if you’ve heard otherwise.)


2 thoughts on “Oscars 2016: all my favourite (distracting) selfies

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  1. Don’t know about how Leonardo treats women (I don’t follow the gossip mags), but I do know that he is an avid campaigner for protection of threatened species and puts his money where his mouth is. Uses his celebrity to try to work change, so that’s a vote in his favour.

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