My little princesses

I felt like such a heel for sending the dogs to a boarding kennel for three days while I was in Newcastle.

No one will let them go to their house for sleepovers because they are such terrors. Oh they don’t bite or anything, but you have to be vigilant about the wee/poo situation and they are VERY needy.

So I dropped them off to my local Petbarn on Friday to be transported to a place called Duffy’s Forest for the weekend.

I was a total tightwad and only paid for the basic, gulag-style accommodation package, which still cost me a whopping $40 per dog per day.

The gulag decision also made me feel guilty.

But then, guilt is my specialty.

It always makes me laugh when I read about the services Hanrob (the boarding kennel) offers.

According to the Hanrob website:

You can expect our accommodation to include:

  • Supervision by trained pet professionals

  • Spacious quarters with individual non-allergenic trampoline beds

  • Personal automatic fresh water drinkers.

  • 2 meals/day of premium dog food (special dietary requirements catered at no extra cost)

  • Access to veterinary care

  • Personal television

  • Access to fully secure indoor and outdoor play areas with climbing equipment


If I’d coughed up for the “platinum paw” package, Bilbo and Charlie would also have received “daily full day interactive playtime with other doggy guests and an aromatherapy shampoo, condition and soft blow dry on departure.”

But the “special” services are even more awesome. Hanrob will organise a limo transfer for your family and pet to the airport for your holiday, then the limo continues on to the kennels with Fido.

You can also organise to Skype your pet, get photographs sent to you throughout their stay or watch a video of them enjoying their holiday.

Hand feeding is even available on request.

I also sometimes fantasise about sending them to the military school option Hanrob offers – so does DD – which promises to train AND board them at the same time. But the kids are HORRIFIED by the mere thought and squeal in distress whenever I float the idea.

When we arrived to pick the dogs up on Sunday, we were given a report card of Bilbo and Charlie’s stay that noted their favourite activity was “cuddles.”

The front desk woman also said they’d been upgraded to an “outdoor suite”, which they’d shared with Fifi the Pug. She said they’d had a lovely time out there.

Charlie pranced out to meet us on a lead, while the carer had to carry Bilbo – he’s such a princess. But she didn’t seem to mind at all, she couldn’t stop raving about what a sweetheart he was and how the staff had spent their lunch breaks with him on their laps.

The dogs get special collars while they’re staying at Hanrob – Bilbo’s was a cat collar because he’s so small. Naaaawwww.

Bilbo proceeded to shiver dramatically all the way home. He’s quite the performer.

But both dogs seem completely recovered now. They spent yesterday on the couch pretty much like this …


Next holiday they’re getting the VIP treatment at home – the lovely Glen is booked to mind them. That one will be luxury all the way – sleeping in his bed, twice-daily walks, gourmet dinners …

Spoilt. Rotten.

How spoilt are your mutts?

Song of the day: Baha Men “Who let the dogs out”




8 thoughts on “My little princesses

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  1. My mutts are so spoilt that if my parents can’t have them then we don’t go away! They have never seen the inside of a kennel unless you count my house as a kennel! They don’t understand what the floor is unless it is cover in pillows for them to lie on!!

    My mother’s dog is even for spoilt if that is even possible!

    But I wouldn’t be without them because even with all their annoying traits and neediness they are family and I adore them!

  2. TV in the kennels? I just can’t help but wonder what station they have it turned to. Tennis for the ball lovers? Wildlife documentaries for the wild at heart? Or dog-obedience videos on loop for the recalcitrant?

  3. I do a dog sit swap with my friend where possible. The dogs get along well so it works. My dogs have had doggy play dates too. They are always happy to come home.
    Sounds like Bilbo got the all day attention and love free upgrade package too.

    1. Bilbo is lucky he’s cute … especially this morning when I woke to a house filled with “upset tummy” … I have no idea how much of it fits into something so small.

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