Through thick and thin

Yesterday was gorgeous.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, my sister’s spa was warm and bubbly, her husband’s grilled Balmain bugs were delicious, and so was the Peterson’s House pink champers we sipped with them.

It was a lovely way to celebrate my sibling’s birthday.

The curse of having such an awesome entertaining area means my sister caters for all the family gatherings, even her own birthday. Poor thing. Well, I did bring a red velvet cake and the pink champers …


I can’t quite believe we’re both closer to 50 than 40 now. How. Did. That. Happen??

But it’s wonderful that we’ve ended up living five minutes apart in Sydney, after migrating from Newcastle many moons ago.

And handy, too – we decided over cake that her son is going to mind my daughters for a few days during the school hols. Bonus!

After lunch, I got all nostalgic and started flicking through the old family photograph albums.

It reminded me that while we look very different, we’re quite the same – on the inside – in many ways.

And we’ll always be there for each other.

Here are some retro snaps of the two of us together, just because …

And I have just one question: Why the pinafores, Mum. Why????



8 thoughts on “Through thick and thin

  1. They are classic!!!! I love the one at Taronga Zoo and the street shots that show the red brick houses in the background.

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