Melbourne Cup 2015: all the frocks and furor

Did you do The Melbourne Cup thing?

I spent the race driving to school pick-up. Glamorous, huh?

Melbourne Cup has never been high on my radar. When I was editor of Woman’s Day I’d host fancy lunches and agonise over hats, but since then I’ve let it slide.

I’ve noticed, however, that there’s a growing discontent over the race. Animal activists are up in arms about the cruelty of horse racing.

I need to form an opinion, but right now I know I prefer watching horses like this …


Rather than like this …

Gamble Me, ridden by Steven Arnold, wins the 2007 Cadbury Eden Stakes at Flemington.

But I still have a soft spot for the frocks. There are far too few opportunities to get dressed up these days.

Here are the celebrity frocks from the day …


8 thoughts on “Melbourne Cup 2015: all the frocks and furor

  1. I picked my daughter up from school at 2.55 today. We had a five minute drive to the local shopping centre. We sat in the car until the race was won. She didn’t expect anything less.

  2. I love the woman jockey that won. I loved the ‘stuff them’ to the chauvinistic hierarchy of the racing industry.And I love how she and her brother were together.

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