Should I do it by the book?


I had coffee with a former work colleague a few weeks ago. It was so lovely to catch-up. She’s one of the good ones.

It also turns out she’s been following my misadventures via the blog. As we sat chatting, she urged me to write a book based on it.

It’s funny the stuff that resonated with her. She loved the Banh Mi post.

Bizarrely, my ex suggested I write a book last year. I mentioned that in a blog post called Seriously??

I wonder if he’s had second thoughts about the idea? Best not to check, just stick with the initial “go for it!”

I’m not quite sure when I’d find the time to write a book. I’m not quite sure a publisher would go for it. And I’m not quite sure anyone would buy a book about a 47-year-old single mum trying to reinvent herself (and frequently failing).

But every journalist fancies they have a book in them somewhere, so I’ve been fantasising about mine.

I’m going with a version of the title that I’ve mulled over for years: “Would I lie to you? A true (ish) story.”

Obviously, for the sake of the kids, I can’t really go into the actual details of my marriage break up, which is why it would be a “true (ish)” story.

I wonder, should I give it a go? Or should I just add it to the growing pile of things I talk about doing but never actually get around to?

I’m also thinking about opening a shop or bar (again) … please talk me out of it … remind me how awful the general public can be.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? What would it be about? 

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”

7 thoughts on “Should I do it by the book?

  1. So many quotes for this one:
    Clint…”Go ahead, make my day!”
    Arni….”You can doooo it!”
    Nike….”Just do it!”
    There are more but you get the idea! 😉

  2. Yes! Write the book. It would be great. You have so many great stories and tell them so well.

    I’ve joked about writing a book about my life as its stranger than fiction over the last 6 plus months. Not sure what category it would fall into yet.

  3. Definitely write the book. I’m one of those ‘strangers’ that just stumbled on your blog..and it’s ‘great’ (see I’m no wordsmith!). You are entertaining….write it!

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