There are no medals for being nice


Being nice is supposed to be its own reward. But sometimes it feels like a punishment.

Nice guys finish last and all that.

I’ve spent my whole life being nice, trying not to hurt others, doing the right thing.

I should feel pretty damn great about that. I should be awash in the good karma.

But there’s this little voice that says being difficult might have gotten me further.

The little voice is fortunately outweighed by the big voice of my conscience. I have a rather oppressive conscience – it wouldn’t let me get away with being horrible.

I think I’d hate myself more than when I have PMT if I was horrible.

I’m always fascinated by people who are horrible and do/say mean things. How do they sleep at night? Somehow they seem to sleep just fine.

Have they had conscience bypasses or something?

I’ve spent my life watching the squeaky wheels get it all and the nice people get screwed over.

How is that fair? Oh, that’s right, life isn’t fair.

Think about it: more often than not, it’s the sociopaths and ruthless pricks who run companies, not the nice people.

It’s the ones who make the most noise who get the promotions and the privileges. Not the people who just get on with it.

OK, life has given me a pretty sweet deal. I’ve done some amazing things.

I have a knack for landing on my feet. Something always comes through.

Complaining (as I constantly wail) seems churlish. But I’m going to do it again anyway: geez the past seven years has been a tough slog.

I had this idea that my late 40s would be the easy years. The hard work would be over.

It feels like the hard stuff will never be over.

And, because I’m always so nice about everything, I seem to have lost the right to have a tanty. When I do occasionally have one, I’m put in the naughty corner for it.

Blardy hell. 

So it’s just easier to keep smiling while secretly gritting my teeth.

While there might not be any medals for being nice, it does feel lovely when I have been (and really crap when I haven’t).

Besides, there’s enough shitty stuff happening in the world without me adding to it.

Do you ever feel like this or have I officially gone ga-ga?

Song of the day: Madonna “What it feels like for a girl”

It’s funny the things that come up when you Google “nice guys finish last” …







3 thoughts on “There are no medals for being nice

  1. Amen to that! I’ve lived my life by “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and have been regularly disappointed.

    However, like you, I just grit my teeth and move on. Being honest to yourself can be very satisfying and sometimes, if you’re very lucky, good old karma kicks in and you feel like you’ve had a win!

    I’ve always felt that I was the Nice Guy who finished last…I could never run very fast, anyway! 😉

  2. Imagine if everyone had the same attitude as you. What an amazing world we’d have! I’m the same. I believe in treating people with kindness and respect. I don’t always get it back but at least I can sleep at night.

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