Sweet dreams are made of THIS

“Pisces are dreamers and have a tendency to live in a fantasy world … ” that’s how Horoscopes & Astrology describes my zodiac sign. “They are best at being creative and tend to follow a career in art, music and culture. They are excellent writers.”

Sounds about right, especially if you were a fly on the wall in the Household last night while the youngest and I sat Googling accessories for her “playground” bedroom.

After our initial setback when her uncle declared the ceiling wasn’t strong enough to support her trapeze, we’ve decided to investigate putting actual play equipment in the room instead.

Oh yes, we have.

I just need to run it past my brother-in-law … who will mutter (again) about a trapeze belonging in the backyard …

But I can get this cheapish one on ebay:


And I’d swap one of the swings for the trapeze, then put her mattress on a low base beneath it.

I’m just wondering if the swing set needs to be bolted to the floor or whether I could put rubber feet on it or something.

As for the rest of the room … when I lived in New York I bought a whole heap of wall transfers that look like grass and trees and butterflies (for the youngest) and tropical fish, coral and seahorses (for the eldest). I hefted them all back home in a suitcase, but only got around to applying the under-the-sea ones (it took us an entire day and much angst and we couldn’t face the second round).

But I’m thinking I could take a deep breath and whack them around the walls of the youngest’s new bedroom one hellish weekend.

They look vaguely like this, but more realistic:


And Bunnings sells fake grass squares that lock together. I’m thinking they’d be cool for the floor. They look like this:


We’re still arguing over the bedlinen, with much idle perusing having been done, but no agreement reached. I’ve suggested we put the rest of the room together then go shopping to make sure we get something that doesn’t clash.

But we are rather keen on these log pillows:


There’s the small matter of finanace, but …

Don’t you reckon the finished room will look totally awesome? Or do you think I have a kangaroo loose in the top paddock?

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Sweet dreams”

With a bonus Tim Minchin cover version of “Better be home soon”



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