My week: soooo many awkward moments

I’m not sure anything will ever quite beat the awkwardness of how my week began, with a game of Truth of Dare between my youngest daughter and my ex while we were enjoying a nice cup of tea in the lounge room.

I have never studied my floorboards so closely …

As a friend exclaimed when I told her the “truth” question the nine-year-old asked: “Noooooooooooooooo!!! Get out!”

A few days later, there was an ermagerd moment with my hairdresser when I commented on his burgeoning facial hair and he said: “Oh, I’m shaving it off, it’s so itchy.” And I replied: “Oh, I know, I hate that feeling!”

We stared at each other in the mirror for a looooooong moment as the realisation I’d just compared my G-string wax to his beard sank in.

He said: “WHAT?”

Then we started giggling.

About five minutes later we stopped giggling and my blush subsided.

And then a friend sent a message yesterday saying: “I had a weird dream I was at your house for dinner – it was a lovely house BTW – but at one point you sprang me in your laundry doing a load of washing and it was really awkward.”

That’s not awkward – it’s AWESOME. Can that dream come true please?

Here’s what else happened at HouseGoesHome this week …


>> On Monday I discussed why you shouldn’t play Truth or Dare with your children and ex-husband (I know, it should have been a no-brainer, but …).

>> On Tuesday I confessed how you actually pronounce my name.

>> On Wednesday I angsted about the financial devastation of my marriage separation and the tsunami-like effect it’s had on my middle-class life. And I copped it from a Facebook friend who sent me a message saying: “What’s happened has happened. Your children could read this blog. What would they think? What would he think?”

>> On Thursday my daughter wanted to know if I had TV as a kid, and this was my answer.

>> On Friday I wax lyrical about singing songs that reflect my circumstances … such as “Aye chorizo, I sing to your spirit” while making two yummy sausage recipes.

>> And on Saturday, I mused on friendship and whether “liking” someone’s snaps on Facebook but never actually seeing them in real life counts as a relationship.

Meanwhile at Kidspot …

I got a bit caught up in other stuff and hardly wrote at all, other than …


>> Bethany Hamilton became a worldwide inspiration after losing her arm in a shark attack at age 13. The images she is sharing of her pregnancy are astounding.


>> Grieving husband 1: “My wife skipped cancer treatment to save our baby”

>> Grieving husband 2: “How can my wife be dead 48 hours after giving birth?” >>

>> Such terrible news for the Kidman sisters as news broke that the father of four of Antonia’s children had died unexpectedly at 46 from a heart attack >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: Split Enz “That was my mistake”


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