Friendships lost … and found

I’m trying to organise a catch-up with one of my favourite people in the world. We haven’t seen each other in six months … at least. It freaks me out how life slips away.

How can you not see one of your favourite people in the world for six months when you live in the same city?

My world has shrunk since I had kids, especially since they started school. It’s become about the people I see each day in the playground, on the sidelines at netball, while I’m doing the speed skipping drop-offs.

By the time that’s all sorted – and the dog hair has been vacuumed off the couch – there isn’t room for much else.

Fortunately I’ve met the most wonderful women (and a few fab men too) during those kid-related activities and made some awesome friends.

But I look at my Facebook feed and the archaelogical dig of friends that it contains and feel sad that our interactions have been relegated to the occasional comment on posts.

I look back on the awesome lunches and dinners and parties that we had together and think “it’s so funny, how we don’t talk anymore …” That’s me doing the warbling-song-lyrics-that-mirror-my-circumstances thing again …

I remind myself we’re all in the same situation, overwhelmed by work and kids and random stuff. But I still feel a bit sad.

Can you really describe people as friends when you never see each other any more? Is “liking” their daughter’s school formal photo really friendship?

(And what is it with those people from your past who send friend requests … who were never your friend in the first place?)

On the other hand, Facebook has helped me reconnect with people I adore.  I recently messaged the most wonderful former colleague who lives in London. We’ve been out of touch for YEARS. But reading her reply made me smile so wide. If I had the cash I’d be on a plane like that to give her a hug.

So, all my friends out there: if we haven’t seen each other in a while … I miss you. It’s been too long. Let’s catch up. OK?

Song of the day: Andrew Gold “Thank you for being a friend”

PS Speaking of friendship, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara seem to have formed a pretty awesome bond while filming and promoting their new movie, Hot Pursuit. Here’s a gallery of some of the fun Instagram snaps they’ve shared …

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3 thoughts on “Friendships lost … and found

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  1. I’ve caught up with some old friends I hadn’t heard from for decades. It’s funny but none of my boys use FB anymore. I think it’s become an older generation thing, perhaps because it’s such a good vehicle to reconnect. P.S. Reese is one of my favourite actresses.

    1. Yes, I hear it’s very unfashionable with the younger crowd – they’re too busy Instagramming and Snapchatting. Did you see the pic of Reese with her daughter at the premiere? Wow!

  2. I definitely think you can call people friends even if you’re not enmeshed in each other’s lives on a regular basis. One of my dearest friends is one I see only sporadically these days but when we get together it’s a talk-fest that can go on for hours. That’s what a friendship is to me – when you can just slot back in without awkwardness.

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