Recovery mode


It’s dangerous when I have time on my hands … I get sucked into the digital vortex … even more so than usual.

As I sat at home recovering from my op yesterday, I couldn’t stop edging towards the phone, iPad and computer for yet another fix.

I should have been lying on the couch watching rom-coms or reading a book or cleaning the toilet or walking the dogs, but nothing compares, no nothing compares … to the internet.

It’s quite sad really.

I tried to watch a rom-com last night – Wimbledon – but I only managed to keep half an eye on it while I roamed about on my iPad, fiddled with my blog and texted people.

What has happened to my attention span? When did it become so goldfish-like? I’m almost 47 for heaven’s sake … aren’t people supposed to be a bit less ADD at my age?

I don’t think I could be trusted to be a lady of leisure or stay-at-home mum. I’d just fritter the days away staring aimlessly at a screen. My mate Geoff will attest to how my obsession escalates. Last time I was at home full-time, he was forced to write a comment about suffering blog fatigue: at one point I was posting three times a day – something personal, something foody, and something celebrity.

It was cray-cray.

I’m a bit of a machine when it comes to the written word. The words surge like a stormwater drain in a torrential downpour.

I love writing. I love it to bits.

And I love you for reading my creative outlet – HouseGoesHome.

Thank you!

Song of the day: Elvis Costello “Every day I write the book”

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  1. I fully concur! However, for me, it’s about input not output. In my current circumstances, I understand exactly where you’re coming from…it is sooo easy to get sucked into that vortex. It starts at around 7:30am with a look at your blog (and attempt a witty or insightful comment which obviously takes an eternity to write and re-write, without too many exclamation marks or …!), then a scan of FB to see what’s been happening overnight and checking Notifications, followed by clearing out the 50 or more e-mails that have accrued, catch up on the status of a couple of cars that I’m considering buying on Carsales, have a look at how the sale of my furniture (anyone interested in a 40 year old 12 seat teak dining setting and hutch?!) is going on eBay, check the bank account balances….CRIKEY, IT’S MIDDAY!! And I haven’t even had breakfast!!
    I constantly wonder how we all have time to actually go to work.
    Gee, I must have hit a nerve about the 3 times a day blogging! Sorry about that! πŸ™‚

  2. You’ve always written brilliantly well. I look forward to your blog each day – even if sometimes it’s almost the next day when I read it!

  3. Pleasure. Love reading your blog – insightful, funny and so well-written. If I go a few days without reading, I feel like I’ve missed out on something! I am hampered by technology – an old, slow computer and a weird ipad that when I post comments, sometimes doesn’t post them. So then I post again and then the original comment appears. I’m not crazy, promise, just blaming my shoddy tools.

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