And so this was my Christmas … (PLUS: How the stars celebrated)

We’re staying at this gorgeous house – here’s a retro pic of it from 1906.

How did your Christmas Day pan out? Mine was spent at this lovely old house on the NSW South Coast, surrounded by piles of pressies and happy faces.

The eldest was totally stoked with her life-sized tiger and the youngest didn’t grumble TOO much about not getting a life-sized baby giraffe.

My Doctor Who gingerbread Tardis was gobbled up. Yuuuuum. And lunch was an incredible feast created by my brother-in-law with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast pork loin, roast potatoes, salads, ham, turkey, prawns …

I didn’t lift a finger … Except to raise a fork to my mouth repeatedly.

After lunch and so many hugs, I hit the road back to Sydney. Things got pretty stormy both outside and inside the car as I drove away. Adele’s 21 album possibly wasn’t THE best choice for the car stereo.

Three hours later I was home to put the bins out, then I got back in the car and headed north for some Moët & sympathy.

Meanwhile, here’s an incomplete selection of pics of how the stars celebrated Christmas. The internet connection is shite in the back of beyond and I’ve given up in frustration.


PS The pic above shows the youngest testing out her cousin’s new canoe in the pool. As you do.


>> Zoe Foster: “A very silly, fun, loving, happy, thankful, tipsy and delicious day to you all… Enjoy yourself! (Also enjoy your elf if you happen to have one.)”


>> Sofia Vergara: “Feliz Navidad!!! Merry xmass!!!!! Love”


>> Ricki-Lee: “MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! From my family to yours – we hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter xxxxxxxxxxx”


>> Jodi Gordon: “#HoHoHo🎅🎅 @braith_anasta @damonanasta @kimanasta Luv you all xxx”


>> Natalie Imbruglia: “Christmas Day antics….”


>> Josh Duhamel: “Merry Christmas!”


>> Hilaria Baldwin: “Alec took this beauty”


>> Kelly Osbourne: “Watching Christmas movies with my family. Pearl has turned me into a human couch!”


>> Teresa Palmer: “Merry first Christmas Bodhi! and to all the first Christmas babies out there. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day.”


>>Larry Emdur: “It’s a rainy Christmas arvo board game marathon . They beat me in monopoly and scrabble but I gotta feeling I’m going to totally smash’em now … #cmondown #lower #lockitin #higher #lightitup#igotthis #justaddhost.”


>> Megan Gale: “Thank you to you, you big glorious bird!!! #turkeylove.”


>> Also from Megan: “@the_real_bosco getting a back massage for Christmas from River.”


>> Neil Patrick Harris: “Christmas Eve dinner at Babbo. Traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes. Delicious! Gideon and Harper are in holiday heaven. Thanks, Mario. #joy”


>> Channing Tatum: “Merry Christmas! #REGRAM FROM @jennaldewan: “Happy holidays from the Tatums!”


>> Livinia Nixon: “Merry Christmas!! xxx”


>> Hugh Jackman: “Lovely to see @taylorswift13 and her family. Merry Christmas Eve to all xoxx”


>> And: “Sending wishes for an awesome holiday!@TheRiverPlay


>> Diane Kruger: “The calm before the storm…sous-chef Jackson having a drink at sunset… heart might give out#heaven#bestchristmas#”


>> Britney Spears: “‘Twas the night before Christmas!”


>> Sophie Falkiner: “The family that dresses up together…. Stays together😍#byronxmas”


>> Rebel Wilson: “Merry Christmas everyone from downunder!! X.”


>> Laura Csortan: “So this is Christmas… ❤️💛💚 #family #love #toomanypressies#ginandtonicttime #tunes #chill.”

Have an awesome, relaxed Boxing Day everyone!

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