Have yourself a geeky little Christmas …


How’s this for lovely? An old school friend drove down from the Central Coast on Sunday to give me a Tardis gingerbread house for Christmas!


Talk about totally AWESOME!

We drank cider and I met her quirky Steampunk 14-year-old daughter (and startled her with the gift of a mini watermelon … I saw it at the shops and knew my kids would go mad for them, but they were with their dad for Christmas and I HAD to buy one for someone.)

I kept quiet about my gingerbread Tardis because identical ones were being delivered to two other former school friends yesterday and I didn’t want to spoil their surprise.

The kids are going to FREAK when they see it.

(Though I need to break it open surreptitiously before the cousins get their hands on it, as there’s apparently something inside with DD’s name on it.)

After the eldest’s rather Doctor Who-centric birthday pressie haul (think fob watch, Tardis leggings, T-shirt, Tardis key ring) I’ve tried to keep things a little more low-key in the Christmas pillowcases (read: how much Doctor Who merchandise do two kids really need) – they’re just getting lunch bags and drink bottles.


We’re also hanging out to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Night.


And here’s the preview clip …

But if I wanted to go all out … the internet definitely provides.

There are Doctor Who Christmas stockings …


Erm, and sweaters


And tree ornaments


You can even get step-by-step instructions on how to create a whole Doctor-Who-themed Christmas tree at Doodlecraft …


Which reminded me that Doctor Who Christmas trees are a THING. So here’s a little gallery of them …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Will you be watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special? 

Song of the day: “Doctorin’ The Tardis” (quite catchy!)


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