Packing death


I’m not one to talk about my kids much socially. I figure no one finds them as fascinating as their parents do, so I generally stick to sharing my adoration with Husband. Since we are on fairly good terms we do this quite a bit.

It’s a nice, non-combative common ground.

But I can’t help myself this morning, I’m going to write a whole blog telling you how awesome they are.

It takes my mind off the awful gyno visit that awaits me this morning. I am PACKING DEATH. (Add that to “bulk fun” on the list of ’80s phrases I’m bringing back.)

So, anyway, the eldest is growing mangroves on my kitchen bench in a grotty, old plastic boat. She’s pumped about it. She found the seeds and boat on Bar Beach, of all places. So the boat and seeds, sand and salt water were carefully transported back to Sydney. She mixes new DIY saltwater for them every night. I’ve been tasked with taking her to the beach tomorrow so we can get proper salt water and a fresh bucket of sand.

Just in case you missed it, she’s been trying her hand at poetry this week too. Yesterday I shared this one:

The great cake eater, his name was Peter
He ate cake raw, he ate cake baked
He ate round cakes (called pancakes)
But now poor Peter is no more
Because he exploded (big guffaw)
No, it’s true I tell you, do not laugh
I still have his icky scarf

She also wrote this one …

Old gold
Frequently sold
Fifty dollars a piece
But steal it though, and you’ll know
That gold is really quite cheap

It blows my mind that I grew her in my belly.

As for the youngest, well she just fills my heart with joy.

She’s such a happy creature. If there’s fun to be had, she wants to be right there in the centre of it. She has a sly sense of humour and these delightful, sparkly blue eyes. When you cuddle her she never wants to let you go.

And, of course, she’s the NSW Under 8s Pairs Skipping Champion. Just in case you missed it last time …

Her latest trick: doing push-ups between turns of the double-dutch ropes.

Quite dazzling.

I adore my kids. And they adore me.

I’m a lucky woman.

Song of the day: The Temptations “My girl”

8 thoughts on “Packing death

  1. It seems a little shallow to just “Like” this blog but it’s true. Just as we all said t’other day, you’re very fortunate to have such happy, well-balanced children.
    Hope the rest of your day goes OK.

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