Meet market

A bloke excitedly waved his phone at me the other night – he was on the RSVP mobile site. “Look!” He said. “There are 600 single women within a 25km radius of me! 600!”

He seemed to regard it as some sort of fantasy candy shop. When I didn’t share his excitement, he tried to show me all the single men.

So. Not. Interested.

I’m sure the bug will bite at some point. But right now the thought of putting myself out there online to strangers … Shudder.

I don’t think my fragile ego could take it. Scrabbling to be noticed among 600 other single women makes me all tense.

As do the dreadful little bios everyone has to write.

And then there’s that whole judged on appearance thing. People checking out your photo and deciding yay or nay.

I know a bloke who arranged to meet someone via RSVP. She walked in, took one look at him and walked right back out again.

That would kill me.

Then there’s my appalling lack of dating experience. Two boyfriends in 46 years doesn’t exactly stand me in good stead in the playing-the-game dating skills department.

What makes a man choose to see YOU again rather than sample one of the 599 other women on his RSVP data base?

Everyone wants to think they’re Brass In Pocket special, but …


3 thoughts on “Meet market

  1. I hear you Alana, which is basically why I’ve avoided it… And the irony is the more wit and intelligence the prospective ‘date’ possesses, the hotter they grow. 🙂

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