Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?


Confession: I might have been a teensy bit weepy last night. OK, my mum and sister – who fielded phone calls from me as I trailed the frigid streets of Sydney’s CBD to my bus stop – would regard that as a slight understatement.

There was something unexpectedly confronting about finishing my first day at my new job and not calling Husband to talk about it. Well, I did call Husband, to say goodnight to the kids. He doesn’t normally answer, just hands the phone to them, but for some reason he picked up and started prattling about school report cards. He didn’t ask how my day had been, which is probably the way it goes when you are separated and in love with someone else. Mind you, if he had asked I’d probably have blubbed and that would have been awful.

Because I really, really hate him right now. But I’m trying to get past that because it’s not helping the insomnia.

As for the new job … it’s a bit exciting. Also a slight understatement. Although the computer training was harrowing. Methode – News Corp’s system – is the devil’s work.

I’m officially a travel writer now. How cool is that?

(It’s also very, very ironic. You see, Husband’s inamorata was one until last week. The world is a very bizarre place sometimes.)

My co-workers are lovely and have welcomed me with open arms and warm smiles. Bless them.

I have lots of old friends in the building too, who I’m looking forward to sharing drinks with at nearby dives after work.

Speaking of drinks – if you ever have them with me and I start stealing yours it’s time to put me in a cab. OK?

Song of the day: Do Re Mi “Man Overboard”


12 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

  1. Wow, congratulations Alana! Travel writer! That’s very exciting and you so deserve it. I am sure you will thrive there and enjoy it. Here’s to new horizons,opportunities for new connections, and some travel! Oh, and after-work dive visits. Love today’s song too, one of my faves.

  2. You must admit the new job sounds awesome. Think of those journo ‘famils’ that PR types will invite you too. I see islands and cocktails in your future. Congrats.

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