15 ways to celebrate Easter (in style)

My Nan loved a Christmas fleecy top, preferably with a dash of tartan applique on it, so I reckon she’d have dug these 15 Ways To Add A Little Easter Pizzazz To Your Look that I’m reblogging for the upcoming occasion …

Check ’em out:

Easter Egg Nails Nail Art Tutorial & Pictures

>> Learn how to create Easter egg nails here with a special tutorial from Swatch and Learn.

>> Maybe chicks are more your speed. Let The Nail Trail show you how …


>> Awwww, cute bunnies on your fingers! This manicure was spotted by Luuuux.


>> Follow the instructions at DosToChoose and create Easter pigtails … rabbit not included.

>> This style adds a whole new meaning to the term “basket case” and was spotted on a woman’s head one Easter Sunday.

>> How about a little Easter egg eyeshadow … from Glittergirlc

easter eyes

>> B for Bel prefers to take the scenic route with her eyelids.

>> On the other hand, you could go the whole hog with Easter face painting, courtesy ofDoodlebug Face Painting.

mariah carey easter bump

>> Introduce your baby to the holiday with an Easter egg bump painting. Hey, if it’s good enough for Mariah Carey …

bunny bump

>> Although, bunnies are nice too. Like this one from Team Pixie.


>> And then there are the folk who like to celebrate Easter all year round … with a tattoo … on their neck. As you do. From Art Junkies Tattoos.

egg earrings

>> Damn, these Cadbury Creme Egg earrings are out of stock from Bedecked Beads.


>> I’ll just have make my own Easter earrings, using these step-by-step tips from Mod Podge Rocks.


>> It’s hard to go past an Easter egg dress like this one from State Of Dress.

>> Although, maybe I should whip up a little number for the kids instead, like this frock from Sew Chibi.

Ah, decisions, decisions …

On the other hand, maybe I could just stick to scoffing some Malteser Bunnies from Woolies and just decorate my stomach lining with chocolate instead.

Plan B is looking goooooood.

What are your plans for Easter? I’m gearing up to spend the holiday sans kids for the first time in 10 years. Bah. We’ve agreed the Easter Bunny should just leave their egg delivery on the bed for their return.  

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