And so that was Christmas …


How was your Chrissie? I was up at sparrow’s fart – as usual – and was sure I’d be joined by an excited little person but she didn’t struggle out. It was only when my mum and dad knocked at 7am (blow me down I never expected them to keep that promise) that the kids woke up.

Within seconds it was Christmas stocking frenzy time.

It may be a rebellion against Husband buying the kids a Wii for Christmas (which they didn’t ask for but which he – and they – enjoyed immensely last night) or simply a personal yearning for less complicated days, but I went all retro with the kids’ Christmas stockings this year.

There were bags of marbles …

And Darrell Lea puddings …

And elastics …

And Hama beads …

And Yahtzee  …

And jelly beans …

photo (41)

There were plenty of modern touches too. But a little tip from me – if you ever happen to be in a convenience store and see red velvet cupcake bites and think “wow, they sound awesome”, stop yourself. They don’t taste awesome. They taste like soap. OK, for about a millisecond they trick you by tasting like red velvet flavoured icing, then they slam you right at the very last minute with a soapy aftertaste. Disgusting.

salad Collage

Speaking of food … my sister and I had a battle of the salads for Christmas lunch. We each made two to go with the ham, turkey, balmain bugs, oysters and prawns we laid out on the table (way too much food for nine people, we needed about 10 more attendees). I didn’t even have a prawn in the end, I was too busy scoffing the salads – potato with aoli and pinenuts, brown rice, broccolini and haloumi, and squid and chorizo. Mmmmmmm.

photo (40)

I also baked a brie in cranberry sauce and pastry for nibbles during pressie opening. That was mmmmm too.

Much champagne was consumed throughout the day as we all lazed around watching the rain pour down outside. Finally, around 4ish the wagons departed and the Wii was booted up while I went on a cleaning frenzy through the house because of my the-cleaner-is-coming phobia (I’m off to Newie this morning with the kids, Husband doesn’t get the tidy-before-cleaner thing).

Another little tip from me …. cleaning after a continuous drip of champers leaves a bad taste in your mouth too …

What was your favourite dish yesterday?



3 thoughts on “And so that was Christmas …

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  1. We spit-roasted the turkey this year, for 2 1/2 hours at 175 degrees and then let it rest for an hour or so. It was the best one we have EVER done! Moist and perfectly cooked through…a triumph!

    Newie has been just lovely this year with light showers in the morning for Christmas Eve and an excellent Christmas Day!

    Of course, you already know that today is spot on weatherwise! 🙂

  2. I’m laughing thinking of you cleaning before the cleaner comes. I have a tendency for that cause I don’t like anyone seeing our place in a mess. Sounds like a good time was had in your house yesterday even if a mess was left behind.

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