What “holiday”???


The kids finished school yesterday. They’re now on “holidays”.

But I think we need to come up with a different word for it. Because the online dictionary tells me holiday means: “a period of cessation from work or one of recreation”.

Here’s what today looks like for me.

  • Pack separate day packs and overnight bags for both kids.
  • Pack lunch bags for both kids.
  • Drop the youngest to her friend’s house so the friend’s mum can take them both to basketball camp.
  • Drive the eldest to work with me (and pay exhorbitant parking fees).
  • Walk 20 minutes from cheapest parking station in the city to work.
  • Listen to the eldest complain about being bored all day in the office with me.
  • Walk  20 minutes to the cheapest parking station in the city to collect car.
  • Drive eldest to sleepover party 30 minutes west of the city.
  • Drive back to city and park again. (Husband convinced me to ditch plan A which involved taking the eldest AND the dog to work – it’s traditionally Puppy Thursday – then, after driving the eldest to her sleepover, picking up the youngest to drive her to a sleepover at another friend’s house – I’m leaning on a school mum to do that bit now – driving the dog home, then catching a bus back to the city.)
  • Going to Christmas drinks at the Baxter Inn (if we can get in) at 5pm.

The last bit should be quite nice when I finally get there. According to the Baxter Inn website it looks like this:

Husband has been there and says it has a dim, speakeasy feel about it that’s quite fabulous … if you can get in. There’s the small matter of no signposting and a queue. So I’m being sent as an advance party.

OK … that bit could be quite stressful too.

Wish me luck …

(You don’t want to hear what my Friday looks like … Holidays? Pfffft!)





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