Trust no-one?

I’m beginning to think Mulder was right with the whole trust no-one thing.
He’s lucky they didn’t have Facebook back then, way scarier than alien/government conspiracies.
I’m relatively new to the Facebook world. It was strange uncharted territory a few years ago. Now it’s my personal and professional newsfeed all rolled into one. I love that I get to unapologetically check Facebook during work hours because it’s part of my JOB as a website editor.
But there’s stuff that bothers me about it, more than it should.
I still don’t get WHY some people try to “friend” me. People who barely know me, people who barely like me, people who don’t know me (or like me) at all.
What’s in it for them?
And I know it’s going to make me sound all 15-hours-on-plane paranoid, but I’m not entirely sure their intentions are always good.
Have you ever suspected someone of friending you to keep their enemies closer? What did you do? Ignore their request or accept it?
How about if you only started to have your suspicions AFTER they were your “friend”. Did you “unfriend” them?
My finger keeps hovering over the “unfriend” button but I can quite bring myself to do it because it seems so cold … And what if I’m wrong …
And why am I worrying so much about it anyway? It’s only Facebook, right?
Oh, what am I talking about? I’m completely loopy paranoid. Have been ever since …
Let’s blame genetics – aka my dad. (Sorry dad!) I remember Dad being highly suspicious of the whole “friendship” concept when we were growing up. He preferred to make his kids his world instead.
Since his kids left home he’s realized what he was missing out on and goes out more than he stays in.
I’m not quite as anti-social as he was, but I still worry about who I can trust.
Kinda scary when I’m 45 and putting myself out there on the blog. In other words.
But if you really want to know me, it’s the way. THIS is who I am.
And I’m doing the best I can. I find the idea of hurting anyone deeply unsettling. Don’t you?
I’ll never understand how people can be so MEAN on social media and convince themselves they are still nice people. Can you?
Who do you trust? Well, there’s this little cherub, all grown up now …


One thought on “Trust no-one?

  1. Timely post for me because I have just been unfriended by someone again – someone who happens to work with the last person that unfriended me and happens to work quite closley with you! 🙂

    I have no idea why it worries me so much but it just seems such a hateful and deliberate thing to actively unfriend someone. My advice – don’t do it.


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