I’ve seen the light


Husband convinced me to take the kids to see Vivid on Sunday night. I was leaning heavily on the stay-home-and-watch-tellie side of the fence, but he wore me down.

I’m so glad he did.

Sydneysiders take note, Vivid is pretty awesome.

(The Vivid lowdown: Sydney will once again be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney takes over the city after dark from 24 May – 10 June 2013. Colouring the city with creativity and inspiration, Vivid Sydney highlights include the hugely popular immersive light installations and projections; performances from local and international musicians at Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House and the Vivid Ideas Exchange featuring public talks and debates from leading global creative thinkers.)

We parked the car near Luna Park and walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge together. The youngest informed me that despite being terrified of heights, she’d like to climb to the top, but she was quite disappointed to hear there’s no cafe up there (note to NSW government – missed opportunity).

We were treated to the most amazing views of the Sydney Opera House as we wandered across the bridge. There was also an incredible – as the eldest described it – werewolf full moon rising.

We wandered through The Rocks to Circular Quay and discovered an fabulous alley next to the Lowenbrau restaurant, filled with flashing milk crates. As you walked through, the scent of milk bottle lollies wafted around. How cool is that?


Down on the harbour, there were thousands of people. Such a lovely festive atmosphere. We marvelled at the lights on the MCA, the kids were totally jazzed by a witches’ hat globe spewing smoke, Customs House looked incredible.


We’d been on a pinky promise* to climb the Opera House stairs. But we all started to flag and settled for ice-creams instead before catching a ferry past the Opera House back to Milson’s Point.

Such a brilliant night.


I’m actually thinking about sneaking back this Saturday. There’s a Doctor Who themed light show on Customs House (don’t tell the kids). I’m meeting Husband after he finishes work and we’re heading to a swish restaurant – Chiswick, in Woollahra – to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

My mum and dad are babysitting the kids for us. Yay Mum and Dad!

Can’t wait.

PS I have a recent history of breaking pinky promises. I went to the Kidspot Voices of 2013 cocktail party and – to my there-should-be-a-five-second-delay horror, pinky promised a bemused Fox In Flats that I would go to the after-party with her. Who was I kidding? I NEVER last past about 9.30pm EVER. Sorry Fox In Flats. For the pinky promise thing and skipping out. It was me, not you. You were heaps of fun.

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