Love notes from my 7-year-old


My 7-year-old has the most awesome teacher. Mrs L only decided to become a teacher in her late 40s and she’s not long out of teacher’s college, so she’s still really jazzed by spending 6 hours every day with small children.

At parent teacher night she greeted my husband and I with: “How lucky am I to have your daughter in my class!”

She’s a keeper.

For Mother’s Day, Mrs L got all the kids in the class to make a “love notes” jar for their mums.

My 7-year-old was sooooo excited to give her jar to me. Even more excited than she was about choosing the BIGGEST present on offer at the Mother’s Day stall (a purple cake stand in an impressively enormous box).

Every night she delightedly begs me to pluck another note from the jar and read what it says. So far I have received notes saying:

What is mum’s favourite food: “I don’t no”

What is the best thing mum cooks: “meat pie”


Mum sings like: “a fairy”

Which is way better than what my daughter’s “naughty” classmate Blake wrote. Apparently he said his mum sounded like a “dying bird”.

The Love Notes jar is such a cool idea – unless you’re Blake’s mum – don’t you think?

What did you score for Mother’s Day? 

5 thoughts on “Love notes from my 7-year-old

  1. Adore the ‘love notes’ idea. I only teach the big ones, who by High School are usually too cool for love notes and affectionate messages to their mums (at least publicly). Don’t you just love teachers who praise your children and say wonderful things about them, you can’t help but bask in reflected glory! 🙂

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