50 Shades of Easter

I’ve made it sound like this is going to be really saucy. A little confession about what Husband and I get up to with chocolate and plush toys …

But’s not. It’s just more interesting than saying “Al’s Easter Round-Up”.

Here’s an update on what HouseGoesHome and iVillage have to offer this holiday for the bunny and egg inclined.

‘Cause my brain is on holiday and my body is driving to Dural to pay someone – Golden Ridge Animal Farm to be exact – to take three roosters off my hands … Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Proof

Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lying to small children, here are 13 Ingenious Ways To Prove The Easter Bunny Exists.

Easter Craft 4

Keep The Kids Busy For Hours With These Fun Easter Crafts.

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownie

How about 8 Creative Easter Recipes With Cadbury Creme Eggs?


Give your kids Easter egg pigtails and 14 other ways to add Easter pizzazz to your look.

This is what last Easter looked like for me … on a cruise. Read about it at Day Four: Land Ahoy.

image (29)

I threw an Easter bunny birthday party for Sprog 2 last week and it looked like this. Read more here.

image (33)

And when the Easter bunny hops to our place on Sunday, he’ll be leaving this booty. I told the kids I’d sent an email to him asking for more toys, less sugar. They were cool with that. I think he may have gotten slightly carried away on eBay and at Woolies, Target, every $2 shop he happened to pass …

But it’s not all silly faces and Easter eggs. I cried over Stephanie Osfield’s blog, Why My Heart Breaks Every Easter.

And those who haven’t forgotten that Easter wasn’t originally about celebrating chocolate, visit my dear friend Reverend Katherine’s Facebook page for The Anglican Parish of Cardiff. Or better yet, visit the church in person. Katherine is one of the smartest, kindest women I know and her congregation are so very lucky to have her this Easter.

How’s your Easter been?

4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Easter

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  1. What a creative Easter, although given the title I did think there might be a little S n M with the Easter Bunny! Yes $2 and Reject shops are amazing for Easter paraphernalia,. Sprogs will be very happy with that loot! In our house this year the Easter Bunny is going minimalist 🙂 Good luck with the roosters…shouldn’t they be paying you??

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