HouseGoesHollywood: how to be photographed with a star


It’s the good, the bad and the ugly today as Yoko Ono pleads for gun control, Ryan Gosling threatens to quit Hollywood and Miley Cyrus compares herself to Gollum.

Ryan quits Hollywood


Ryan Gosling has revealed he’s planning on a Hollywood hiatus to “reassess.”

“I’ve been doing it too much. I’ve lost perspective on what I’m doing,” he told The Associated Press. “I think it’s good for me to take a break and reassess why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that.

“I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does.”

Millions of women around the world have just collectively wailed “noooooooooo!”

Miley’s terrifying … and a twerker


It’s been a busy day on social media for Miley Cyrus, just weeks after she swore she was taking a break from it.

She’s posted a pic of herself as a child and compared herself to Gollum: “The resemblance Is terrifying.”

And she’s been twerking on Facebook.

When I first heard the term, I thought it was a video version of Twitter, but no, twerking is  apparently a gyrating dance that’s all the rage on youTube etc. Has been for years. I am SO behind the times.

To celebrate her fiance Liam Hemsworth returning to Los Angeles, Miley Cyrus has posted a video of herself twerking in a unicorn onesie, as you do. It’s to a song by J Dash called “WOP” (nup, still none the wiser).

Check it out … you know you want to …

She’s also tweeted “Such a dope day” and “The Last Song is trending”, a reference to the 2010 film, which was airing in the US that night, where the pair fell in love.

Beyonce’s a chain store girl


Beyoncé is the new face of Swedish chain store H&M and appears in a series of sultry promotional photos for the label, shot in the Bahamas.

“It was a beautiful shoot on a tropical island,” says Beyonce of the TV ads that accompany the campaign. “It felt more like making a video than a commercial.”

Her new track “Standing On the Sun” will be heard in the ads.

The collaboration will feature a charity component – 25% of sales from the H&M for Water swimsuit collection will be donated to H&M for WaterAid, which helps raise money for the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water.

Emma’s natural beauty


Another day, another topless celebrity. This time it’s former Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

Emma has posed for Aussie photographer James Houston‘s book Natural Beauty, benefiting Global Green USA, a sustainability initiative.

“My friend is supporting GlobalGreenUSA with his book Natural Beauty. It’s out now. : ) X” the actress tweeted, along with one of the pics.

Order the book here.

Jon: I didn’t know my teen daughter was doing drugs


Jon Bon Jovi has opened up about the night he discovered his daughter had suffered a drug overdose, describing it as “the worst phone call ever”.

Stephanie Bongiovi, 19, was rushed to hospital and arrested in November after being found unconscious in her dormitory room at New York’s Hamilton College.

Jon told American chat show host Katie Couric he was previously unaware of her drug use.

‘She’s doing great and I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers, [but] in short, that problem is much more prevalent … than I knew and I cannot get over how many people I’ve met that have said, “My son, my daughter,”‘ he said.

“There is a lot of pressure on kids these days.

“There’s access to things my generation didn’t have.

“I’m just blessed she’s healthy and whole, and we’ll get through it.”

Yoko’s confronting plea


Yoko Ono has made a powerful statement for gun control, tweeting a photo of John Lennon’s blood-splattered glasses to her 3.6 million followers on the couple’s 44th wedding anniversary, had he not been shot dead by Mark David Chapman.

How to be photographed with a celeb


Joe Fitrzyk might just be one of the most prolific star spotter in Hollywood – and he posts every encounter to his Tumblr Famewreck (that’s him with Kristen Stewart, above).

“For me it happens everywhere, that’s the irony,” he wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “At an airport in France. Barney’s in New York. Walking the beach in Miami. Vegas, Detroit, London – there’s no rhyme or reason. I just have a photographic memory and I see them coming.”

His tips on approaching stars?

1. “Never pretend to be texting and snap a photo of a celeb. They will see you and shame you, like Hilary Swank did to me outside a crowded restaurant. She followed me inside, told me I made her feel like she was in a zoo and that I should simply ask next time. She redeemed herself, and me, by offering to take a photo with me.

2. “It’s a good rule a thumb to avoid a celeb who’s eating, with their kids, in the restroom or going to the restroom outside Chateau Marmont.”

3. “Be yourself. You’re adorable. 99.9 percent of celebs are funny, fabulous, handsome, lovely.”

4. “Be polite, respect their space and give them a non-obvious yet sincere compliment.”

5. “If you want a photo just to impress your friends, or simply because they’re famous, you’re missing the point. It’s about expressing gratitude for all the joy an artist brings to you. And if you’re not sincere, it shows.”

Check out Famewreck to see more of his celebrity encounters.

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