I’ve got finger cramps because…

Not my fingers. Ewww, gross nails.

… I’ve done so much typing this week. You have such a dirty mind.

(Although, I must admit, some pretty disturbing pics come up when you type “finger cramps/stretching” into Google.)

(And not because I can do the freaky thing the bloke in this photo is doing. Even my eldest had trouble and she’s got double-jointed digits. )

Anyhoo … here’s all the stuff that’s been keeping my fingers busy – my first three days of blogs at ivillage.com.au, in case you missed them … and care to catch up …

* I admitted It makes me uncomfortable when men cry. Which got a bit awkward after Husband went to see The Secret River at the theatre – without me, I only do Hollywood blockbusters – because he was totally gutted, even talking about it set him off.

* I freaked out when I heard a school has introduced an 8am start time, because I have enough trouble getting the kids through the gates by 9am.

* I learned how to create a gallery for a website. And then I forgot to save it and had to create it all over again. Eeek. It’s called Celeb Mag Confessions: Dating, ditching Hollywood and taking back abusive boyfriends  and is a round-up of the best celebrity magazine covers of the week.

* I was so jazzed by my new gallery-creating skill that I did another one, called The Week’s Hottest Hollywood Gossip (kinda explains itself – filled with stuff like Justin Bieber squeezing a fan’s boob, Kourtney Kardashian squeezing her boob juice on Kim’s leg and David Arquette giving a bloke a lap dance).

* I wrote about Beyonce’s Miscarriage Heartache.

* I got slammed for writing about a poor, poor woman in Queensland whose child was killed by a falling tree in the floods. It’s called The Flood Story That Broke Our Hearts. One bloke tweeted “I loathe the articles the self-absorbed feel the need to write about their reactions to people’s tragedies”, while a woman tweeted “Way to milk a tragedy & make it all about you just to encourage ignorant comments” … oh, and added a “#disgust” for good measure. Warmed the cockles of my heart, they did …. when I blocked them. I’ve always been great at accepting criticism.

Oh, and just in case you missed it – I’m not sure how, I’ve been banging on about it incessantly – there’s a press release about me being appointed editor of ivillage.com.au. You can read it here.

Hurrah – and it’s only my first week. I am pumped!

PS I also appeared in Mumbrella with the exciting heading “Alana House to edit ivillage weeks after getting sacked for protesting Woman’s Day story”.  Which is a bit spooky since I’m in the Good Weekend today with a story called She Needs A Fair Trial, about Kathleen Folbigg, the person I was protesting about.

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  1. I’ve been living under a rock (storms plus back-to-school) so I’ve missed some of this. Thanks for the wrap up! Congrats on iVillage – hope it’s a fun challenge for you and you can get away with brave commentary/story choices without getting sacked 😉

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