Not in the mood

Sorry, no blog today. I’m too bleak.  Not even my new red shoes are turning my frown upside down.

I briefly considered republishing my blog from November 28 last year – which was promisingly called The Shame File – but it turned out to be about baby vomit and dieting, so I gave it a miss.

Fingers crossed my mojo returns tomorrow.

How do you cheer yourself up when you’re down?

PS I’m still blogging over at HouseGoesHollywood, I couldn’t resist when I saw that Gabriel Aubry’s smashed up face looks as bad as I feel. He’s enlisted the paparazzi to take some doozy photos to get back at his ex, Halle Berry, after her bloke (Olivier Martinez, Kylie Minogue’s ex) biffed him.

13 thoughts on “Not in the mood

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  1. HIke up a mountain or big hill then swim in the ocean or sea. Or go for a long walk and include a swim. Do it with a friend who doesn’t mind silence and feels no need to talk. The sounds of wildlife, the smell of the trees and the sea. The warming up and cooling down. It also works on hangovers.

  2. alana… those that caused this situation r winning if they become aware of your ‘bleakness’… dont give them that power over u… u r the better person… id like to c them stand up for a friend like u did!!!

  3. I seek out endorphins – exercise, laughing (have you read ‘Bossy Pants’ yet?) and chocolate have all helped lift my mood at some point.

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