It was even higher anxiety than usual in the Household last night as I signed my life away for the next six months to a JOB. Only part-time, only a maternity leave cover, but still … It felt like a BIG decision.

A dear friend contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d consider taking the position. I love her and she’s an absolutely divine boss, so I said yes. I’ve had this niggling desire to dip a toe in the water of paid employment and to see what I think about it. A maternity leave cover seems the perfect way to do it – I can walk away after six months, no strings attached.

I’ll also have a bit of pocket money for New York.

And we can stop redrawing on the mortgage.

Nice stuff like that.

The not-so-nice bit is leaving the Sprogs. I’m trying to arrange my hours so I can pick them up most days, or leave them in the care of others for an hour or so. I’m also begging Husband not to go back to work on Wednesdays until after the Christmas school holidays, because that would be a NIGHTMARE.

I didn’t really think about the Christmas school holidays when I blithely agreed to the job.

I’ve already done a test-run of the trip home and got from my new place of employment to the doorstep of the Sprogs’ school in just 40 minutes. God bless those new “M” buses. I’ve also done a reccie of the exotic lunch options in the immediate radius of my new workplace and they are pretty fab. Though I’ll have to restrict myself to one external luncheon a week to avoid blowing all my new income on food.

I need to dust off all my old work clothes and see what still fits. I may invest in a couple of extra-long Country Road T-shirts to conceal my stay-at-home kilos. And a pair of comfortable shoes wouldn’t go astray for the mad dash to/from work.

Then there’s the question of blogging. I figure I can remain “HouseGoesHome” since the job isn’t permanent. Finding the time to write may be slightly tricky. Although I’ll have lots of new “juggling” material. Oh, and I’m about to spin HouseGoesHollywood off into its very own blog, since it annoys as many of my followers as it entertains. (I will never understand why the entire rest of the world isn’t as captivated by celebrity gossip as I am. What is wrong with you people? What do mean what’s wrong with ME?) So that’s two blogs to maintain. I’m thinking I’ll be very busy on the bus every day. And 5am starts may become the norm.

(I’m hoping the message on this e-card a Facebook friend sent me won’t become even closer to the bone.)

As for keeping fit … my expensive gym membership must not go to waste. But a Friday spin class and a Sunday pump class are probably the most I can expect to squeeze in.

Argh! My head! It feels a bit explody …

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Alana,

    Good Luck with the job! I am sure that you will manage and at least with a 6 month contract there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you the best of luck – I’m sure there will be both postitives and negatives and I can only hope that you get the opportunity during the 6 months to then enjoy good quality time with your kiddies on the weekend.


  2. 6 months seems the perfect test run! Congratulations and for what it’s worth I have thoroughly enjoyed the gossip. What’s not to like about sitting on Ryan Goslings face?!

  3. Good luck. Half the battle is in the organising. Tim’s planning on doing a study tour/uni subject in Israel next year. I’ve already started working out the plans for the kids as he’ll be away for the winter school holidays! Not sure I can swing 3 weeks off at once.

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