Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: My journey into blogging

I love to write. I’ve loved to write since I was a wee sprog, plagarising Aboriginal dreamtime stories and passing them off as my own for primary school assignments. I became a journalist because I wanted to earn my living from words. Somewhere along the way, my living stopped being about words and started being about managing people. Managing people, lovely as they are, is hard work. People are mercurial, infuriating and sensitive about everything. Words are much easier. They do what you want and they don’t have a hissy about it. I put them in sentences and, if I’m on my game, they flow. I love that. I’m awed by talented people who can write songs or sing or play an instrument. I can’t write songs, I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument. But if I practise hard enough, perhaps I’ll learn to move people with words the same way melodies do. When I left work last year, my priorities were spending time with my family and writing again. I have this rocking idea for a movie script. If I could lock myself in a room for a few months with no famililial distractions, I reckon it might be the next Muriel’s Wedding. But I don’t have a few months with no familial distractions. It’s been nine months since I left work, and not a single word of that script has made it out of my head onto paper. The blog, on the other hand, can be squeezed between Sprog and household wrangling duties. It doesn’t need to be prised from my imagination, it’s based on my daily trevails. I figure it’s a good discipline to write 400 words each day and send them into the ether. It’ll come in handy if I ever knuckle down to that script. In the meantime, I’m loving my blog. Sometimes (often) I click to the homepage just to gaze at it adoringly. It’s a buzz writing every day. I can’t wait to blog on The Cruise next week. A friend said she couldn’t imagine anything worse than blogging while on holiday. But I’m excited. Blogging started as an anchor for me, something to define me aside from being an unemployed wife and mother. It’s become so much more. It pays zilch but rewards in many non-fiscal ways. (And some fiscal ones too. I no longer pay $180 an hour to speak to a psychologist. I speak to you instead. I tell you what’s on my mind.) It’s incredibly fulfilling to make people laugh or think or empathise with what I write. There are days when I want to give up, when I question the point of it all. But watching my followers slowly grow offers hope that I’m doing something right. Where will it lead? I have no idea. But I figure life usually takes you where you’re meant to go, so I’m enjoying the road and not fussing too much about where it ends. Maybe, if I’m lucky, it’ll take me to New York for the BlogHer conference later this year. Or perhaps I’ll score a paid writing gig somewhere. Who knows?

PS Actually, BlogHer would make a quite nice destination … and you could win $5000 by voting for me to go there. Just click on the link below …

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  1. I just wrote a similar-ish post about ‘why I blog’ late last night. All my favourite bloggers seem to be pondering their place in the blogosphere on the back of the Top 50 and other events this past week. It bodes well for some really amazing posts in coming weeks now that everyone is so motivated and sure of what they want to achieve! I continue to admire your work (and your ability to publish it twice a day!). There’s a link to you from my new post. Wishing you the best for the Top 50.

  2. Well, I for one, am in total admiration of your words! Entertaining and insightful at the same time! Keep ’em coming.
    BTW, you are already writing that screenplay. It’s called “My life and other observations”!

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