It’s a lot to take in

Yesterday was a little more intense than usual.

Tina Turner died.

The youngest arrived home from school with the news that a knife-wielding man had been shot dead by police at our former local Harris Farm.

The eldest arrived home from TAFE and told me that the worst fire in living history was engulfing Surry Hills.

I replaced the 60% whisky content in my blood stream with gin at a drinks function.

I ate haggis for the first time.

Someone dented my new car at the youngest’s AFL training.

And, I don’t watch much tellie, so forgive me if you already knew this, I discovered The Brady Bunch’s house is on the market for US$5.5 million and it’s been renovated to look like it did on the show!

The home, which is located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City, was originally just used for exterior shots in the 1970s television series. But in 2019, a real estate and home improvement reality channel called HGTV began renovating the property to revamp the interior to be series-accurate.

“Standout features in the completed home include the iconic floating staircase, the burnt orange-and-avocado green kitchen, the kids’ Jack-n-Jill bathroom and a backyard with a swing set, teeter totter and Tiger’s dog house,” HGTV said in a release.

Check out the interiors …

In other news, I attended two drinks functions this week.

On Tuesday I went to a cocktail Masterclass at Bar Lulu in The Rocks. Such a gorgeous venue, located in one of the old sandstone warehouses at Campbell’s Cove.

Head mixologist George Bekarian showed me and a gaggle of content creators the art of mixing, muddling and shaking cocktails. 

He took us through how to make three cocktails. The first one had four different spirits in it, so after I’d had a few sips I was content to leave the rest of the mixing to the woman sitting with me – Nicolette Stathopoulos – who was one of the youngest contestants on Masterchef. She starred on it about eight years ago when she was 19 (she still looks 19, damn her).

Then last night I went to the Australian launch of Tulchan Gin, which is distilled in Speyside, Scotland.

The launch was held at The Roosevelt in Potts Point and I was seated next to the Kara Anderson, the Tulchan Global Brand Lead, who was a lovely Scottish lass.

The haggis is the crumbed patty on the far right. It had a suggestion of offal-ness about it, but was palatable.

I was feeling pretty OK about all the tumult in my world until I got home last night and the youngest burst through the door ranting excuses for why my new car is dented.


Counting down to the weekend … Have a good one.

I’m kicking mine off by watching the lights switch on for Vivid Sydney. Exciting!

PS I might not blog again until Wednesday. Stay tuned for the explanation.

Song of the day: Loverboy “Working for the weekend”

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