That was scary

I was tapping away at my computer yesterday morning when all hell broke loose.

The youngest was making her lunch in the kitchen when Charlie the Moodle started screaming and writhing at her feet. She freaked out and told me it looked like he was having a fit.

I rushed over and I feel like a really bad fur baby mama for saying this but … my first thought was: “I don’t have time for a medical emergency”.

The youngest said I needed to rush him to the vet.

My second thought was “Gawd, how much is this going to cost me?”

My third thought was “Poor Charlie”.

That’s bad, isn’t it?

I knelt on the ground and spoke in soothing tones to my shivering pet. It looked like there was some wrong with his leg, which was bent at an odd angle.

I started gently feeling his leg and that’s when I noticed that one of his back leg claws was caught in a knot in his ear fur.

I unhooked his claw, he dashed off happily and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Fortunately for Charlie and unfortunately for my bank account he is going to a dog groomer today called Sugar Paws to get a belated “summer cut”.

Moving to a new area has meant tracking down new services and dog groomers are in high demand. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to snare an appointment.

I was too scared to ask what Sugar Paws charges for the full treatment. With a name like Sugar Paws, which touts itself as having an “Award winning International Master Groomer”, I’m expecting its going to cost me a bomb.

I got the Sugar Paws tip from a woman I met at my new local cafe.

Waiting for my takeaway coffee is quite the slice of life, as I now live in a suburb filled with people who have very high disposable incomes.

For example, I noticed an Uber Eats breakfast order on the counter recently.

I had a stickybeak at the receipt and it was for more than $100 … for takeaway breakfast! Two of the items were eggs on toast. Eggs on toast! Who orders eggs on toast to be delivered? And who and expects them to arrive anything other than cold and congealed?

I also see Uber Eats orders still sitting forlornly on doorsteps from previous evenings. Who orders Uber Eats then doesn’t bother to answer the door when it comes?


Ah well, while a Sugar Paws appointment for my dogs will cost more than that Uber Eats breakfast, it will be much cheaper than an emergency vet visit.

Have a fabulous weekend. Mine has a party in it!

Song of the day: Elvis “Hound Dog”

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