The Goldilocks dilemma

There are many things I could have done with my spare time on the public holiday, but I chose to spend it searching for a desk online.

It adds to me wasting 500 million hours searching for a desk online over the previously weeks and months.

Once I get fixated on something I can’t let it go.

I have Googled “black desk”. I have Googled “gold desk”. I have Googled “brass desk”. I have Googled “bronze desk”. I have Googled “limewashed desk”. I have Googled “Hamptons-style desk”. I have Googled “Louis desk”. I have Googled “glass desk”. I have Googled “inlay desk”.

I have also performed all of the above searches with “console” instead of “desk”, just in case that turned up a gem.

And then I have Googled every single one again.

And I found absolutely nothing that pleased me.

Rather than give up, I dug my heels in yesterday and threw even more time at the search.

Who would have thought buying a desk would be so hard? Well, the buying part is easy, finding one that ticks all the boxes is the hard part.

There have been many considerations.

If I get a black desk it needs to be the same black as my other furniture. I am funny about that and how do you tell online?

I also wondered whether a gold/brass/bronze desk would be a nice balance with my palm tree side table.

There was only one bronze desk in existence and, while it was on sale at half price, it was a bit too long.

There were lots of gold/brass/bronze consoles as well, but they were either too high, too narrow or too long.

I sound like Goldilocks tasting the three bears’ porridge.

I found a fabulous inlay console, but I worried it would be too much inlay alongside my inlay buffet.

The desk also needed to be 100cm long or 120cm at most. But a lot of my favourites were 140cm to 150cm, which simply wouldn’t shoehorn into the space.

And I didn’t want to pay a king’s ransom.

I thought I’d nailed the search while I was in quarantine over Christmas with COVID-19. I found a lovely little desk and ordered it, then there was radio silence from the retailer for two weeks. I emailed the customer service department, which apologetically informed me that the company no longer stocked the desk and would have to give me a refund. Dammit.

I finally found and purchased a desk yesterday. It is small, with black legs and a glass top, which will mirror my dining table.

It is a blessed relief to be free of the desk obsession. It was keeping me awake at night. Just pray for me that this one doesn’t turn out to be out of stock too, as it was the last one left on the site.

Fingers tightly crossed. Stand by for photos in situ if it arrives.

The rest of my day off was spent doing a bit of work and grabbing some pink velvet cushions for the sofa so it matches the new ottoman better.

It is bold of me to be putting pink with green, but I’m hoping the fact it works on the ottoman means it will work on the sofa.

And then DD and I hosted drinks and a sausage sizzle at his place last night, where I experimented with making a new spritz – Jameson Orange and Soda (with a slug of Prosecco thrown in for good measure). It’s delicious, it may even replace Aperol Spritz in my affections.

I hope you got some downtime yesterday and I am very envious of everyone taking today off too.

Nose back to the grindstone for me. Catch you Monday.

Song of the day: Icehouse “My obsession”

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