It feels a bit naughty

Flitting around the fringes of the drinks industry can feel a bit naughty.

Functions are often held on a Monday, as that’s the night when venues are generally closed to the general public and available for launch events.

Monday nights are supposed to be quiet, retiring, non-drinking affairs, but tell that to all the influencers and other party animals who were drinking tall glasses of lemony gin goodness as the sun gloriously set over Darling Harbour last night.

I took my sister to Smoke Bar at Barangaroo House for the debut of a new release by Bombay Sapphire called Citron Presse, which we sipped in delicious cocktails while eating mini ice cream cones filled with ceviche and caviar.

Poor us. It’s a hard life.

Barangaroo House is a spectacular, curvy spot, draped in greenery.

The crew who hosted the event are lovely. I caught up with Penny Sippe … who has the best name for a drinks industry person … kinda like when I was a sub-editor at House Design magazine; and Loy Catada, who I asked to posed with a bottle of the new release. He is such a nice bloke. There were big hugs.

I also clinked glasses with a few of my old Drinks Trade crew, which was fun.

I was very excited about my outfit for the night – a black dress that I bought at Palm Beach Markets for $55.

It is a one-size-fits-all number and has POCKETS.

I am in love with it. I would quite happily buy it in six different patterns and live in it. It is so easy and comfortable.

I am becoming very middle aged.

PS I also ordered a smaller, two-door buffet when I got home, then had trouble sleeping as I fretted over whether it would make it up the stairs. How on earth do you check such things? It is 162cm wide and 232cm tall and comes in two parts.

Song of the day: Alicia Bridges “I love the nightlife”

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