Offer accepted

It is done. I’ve bought an apartment. My offer was accepted on Wednesday night and contracts were exchanged yesterday afternoon.

Buying an apartment is pretty stressful at the best of times, but it goes up a notch when you’re a single mum with a hectic job who writes drinks news as a hobby.

In addition to frantically compiling my daily media report, writing LinkedIn posts and editing a weekly newsletter, I had to find a conveyancer, send them the contract, request changes to it and sort out all the other palaver that comes with buying a property.

I had also agreed – weeks ago – to pop into a Women in Distilling lunch at Hickson Road Distillery, which is just a hop and a skip from where I work.

I don’t actually have time for lunch in my crazy working day, let alone when buying an apartment, but I’m an eternal optimist so I said yes to the invite.

I was a bit frazzled as I skidded briefly into the event.

But I had a lovely time chatting to the MC Shelley Horton, who looked absolutely divine in her magenta dress. She’s just launched a perimenopause course called Don’t Sweat It and adopted a puppy called Maui, so we explored both subjects loudly and in depth as we nibbled on fried cauliflower.

How divine is Maui???

I made frantic excuses when the message came through that it was time to exchange contracts and bolted off to sort out all the last minute bits and bobs.

I couldn’t find anyone in the office that I knew to witness my signature at 2.45pm and I had to be on a video call about data governance at 3pm.

I finally accosted a girl in PR who knows me slightly and asked her.

She was a little startled, but obliged.

Suffice to say I had difficulty concentrating on what data governance actually was … still not entirely sure.

And by about 4.30pm the deal was done.

I get the keys on November 4. That’s the view from my new balcony in the main pic.

The rain was pouring down as I drove home. I will not enjoy taking the dogs out for their evening wees in bad weather – I normally just stand under cover on my back deck and throw them into the yard.

But I am sure I will adapt.

The purchase didn’t feel very celebratory last night – I picked the girls up from skipping and dropped them home, made grilled chicken and tabbouleh pitas then caught up on a bit of work.

There was no one to clink a glass of bubbles with, just a messy kitchen to clean up.

But a new home has been sorted for me and the kids.

And now I need to step away from so I don’t torture myself with all the places that might have been better.

I can’t believe I won’t be house hunting this weekend. I’ll be house packing instead.

Have a great weekend. Catch you Monday.

Song of the day: M People “Moving on up”

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