Caught stripping

It was so cold at my house yesterday that I had a bar heater at my feet and my fluffy leopard-print dressing gown over my clothes.

I totally forgot about the dressing gown when one of the big bosses at my contracting gig called on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams calls usually happen with the camera on … cue me frantically trying to shrug off layers of clothing as I stared in panic at him on my computer screen.

Not embarrassing at all.

I answered Microsoft Teams from my immediate boss a few times too and by the final one I was so sick of stripping off that I left the dressing gown on.


And that was about as exciting as my Monday got. Well, aside from having to upload documents for a Police Check (I will explain another day). I had to take one of the photos as a selfie while holding my passport. When I saw the results, I decided what I really, really want if I win the lottery is a facelift. I look soooooooooooooo old.

But enough about me, I must tell you an awesome story about someone else.

You know how my sister and her ex-husband are good mates? Well, there have been celebrations across both households following her ex’s five year old son competing in the Western Sydney Marathon.

Around 153 people took part in the 5km race and the little fella ran it in 30.06 minutes, coming 26th!

How about that?! His parents made him stop for a minute halfway through to catch his breath – imagine what his time might have been if they hadn’t.

What a little champion!

As we passed the photo around at my father’s birthday lunch on Sunday we were all bursting with delight and pride.

I love that we regard him as one of our own.

Song of the day: Queen “We are the champions”

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