I can’t slow down

I wish I could say that I took it easy during my break from blogging, but no, it was the usual frantic whirl.

I think I’ve forgotten how to slow down, but it was good to take blogging out of the equation for a few days and just be.

One of the reasons I didn’t blog last week was that DD had booked a couple of hotel nights in the city to make our social life a little easier.

We were going to a Sydney Comedy Festival Gala in Enmore on Wednesday night and a Westward Whiskey masterclass in The Rocks on Thursday.

He lives 45 minutes from the city and wanted to be able to relax and sip the whiskey.

I had high hopes for some laughter therapy at the comedy event, but while Dave Hughes was in fine form as host, sadly none of the comedians had me in complete stitches.

But it was lovely to be out with the boyf being dazzled by Enmore Road. It’s such a vibrant strip these days, filled with fabulous bars and thriving restaurants.

DD spent Thursday working in the hotel room, then met me for the Westward Whiskey masterclass at an atmospheric bar called The Doss House. The event was part of the Whisk(e)y On The Rocks festival and hosted by Westward Head Distiller Miles Munroe. DD has fallen madly in love with Westward’s Cask Strength whiskey, so he was an eager participant.

While Cask Strength wasn’t on the table for the masterclass, there were lots of cheese and nibbles and four whiskies to sip, including a new one called Westward American Single Malt Belgian Ardennes, created using an Ardennes Farmhouse yeast from the award-winning Oregon brewery Culmination Brewing.

We’d enjoyed a virtual masterclass with Miles during lockdown, streamed from the distillery in Oregon, so it was great to meet him in person – such a lovely, gentle soul and passionate whiskey maker. It was fascinating to chat with him in such an intimate setting. While I’m not the biggest whiskey sipping fan, I know quite a lot about the industry these days, so I could ask a few vaguely intelligent questions!

Afterwards DD and I wandered up to the famed Ho Jiak Malaysian restaurant behind the QVB for a “Laksa Bomb” – dumplings in laksa soup – and my all-time favourite noodle dish, Char Kway Teow. There was an illuminated sign in the restaurant that summed up my passion for the dish!

And you’re not going to believe this, but after dinner I decided one night in the city was enough for me and caught a cab home, leaving DD to enjoy the luxury alone!

Luckily he enjoys having a bed to himself as much as I do and wasn’t offended when I hit the road a night early.

The cab driver was quite taken with my tales of disinterest in staying in hotels and not getting married to my boyfriend. He couldn’t understand why you’d date someone for eight years and not marry them. I decided not to enlighten him. He was so enthralled by my bizarre life choices that he kept asking me to join him for biriyani in Surry Hills. And I kept politely declining!

Friday night was spent on the sidelines at the youngest’s AFL match. I have so many questions, the main one being why the hell they make the fields SO BIG. The teams spent the whole match running and running and running and running some more. And when they weren’t running they were body charging each other. I did a lot of wincing.

On Saturday night we went on an adventure to Ramadan Nights Lakemba. The organisers reckon more than 1 million people have attended the event over the past 30 days — that’s four times more than when it was last held in 2019.

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. The month of Ramadan is spent by people of Muslim faith fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset. At the end of each day’s fast they gather for Iftar, the evening meal to break their fast. Or in this case, they queue for food in Lakemba from dusk until dawn.

The last night of the festival was on Sunday. The street was absolutely pumping on Saturday night and filled with smoky outdoor barbecues and hungry visitors.

We feasted on tandoori chicken wraps as we wandered around marvelling at the huge queues for camel burgers and chips on sticks.

The event, which began with a single barbecue and some camel burgers in 2012, has grown into the City of Canterbury Bankstown’s largest drawcard.

My Sunday was a little quieter – a walk with a friend, a coffee with my sister, some freelance work, a mildly harrowing driving lesson with the youngest and a roast dinner with DD.

And that’s a quick top-line recap of what you’ve missed since my last blog post.

Far too busy, I know, I know, but I don’t know how to stop.

I need to learn how to do it. My body and mind are having trouble keeping up these days. They are getting tired! My feet hurt each morning when they first hit the floor, before they’ve even taken a step. I’m seeing it as a sign that it’s time to slow down – and wear more supportive footwear – but I’m not quite ready to read that sign.

Give me a year or two to get the youngest through the HSC and then it will be time for a rethink. For for now I’m a bit like those AFL players on Friday night, running and running and running some more.

I hope all has been well in your world since I’ve been radio silent.

Song of the day: The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian”

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