Too many ideas

My penchant for crazy business ideas drove my ex husband nuts. Mainly because it was exhausting, but also because I usually had my ideas at 6am and would bombard him with them when he woke up.

It is very hard to process crazy business ideas when you have sleep in your eyes.

I even made him go to a “how to run a bnb” weekend-long event once. He emerged from the experience saying there was no way he was cleaning toilets for a living.

My ideas have ranged from a pet shop that only sells fake pets and accessories, to a Baby Bunting-style shop that only sells baby dolls and accessories, dinner-in-a-bag (a precursor to Hello Fresh), a vegetarian restaurant called No Bull, and an indoor beach bar with a sand pool like the one at the Hard Rock Hotel in Singapore.

DD has also been bombarded by my crazy business ideas, mainly for small bars and Studio 54-style nightclubs, although on Saturday I raved to him about wanting to open a restaurant called GF, with a menu that’s completely gluten free.

The concept was sparked by taking my ex-nephew to dinner on Friday night. The poor thing had to spend an evening with their crazy ex-aunt due to neither of my children being available to join us. The ex-nephew is on a road trip to Adelaide and was breaking the journey in Sydney.

He is coeliac and suggested that a Mexican restaurant might be the go. I found a new one that has opened on the bus route from my place, which appealed to me after a few days as designated driver at drinks events last week.

I checked the menu and there were lots of items with (gf) after them, so I booked a table. We got there and chose corn on the cob and guacamole with corn chips and various other delicious sounding things. But when the waitress came to take our order she explained that despite having the (gf) symbol next to them they weren’t totally gluten free because they were all cooked in the same deep fryer as the churros, even the corn on the cob.


Actually, that’s really WRONG.

It’s either properly gluten free or you don’t put “gf” on the menu. What do you reckon?

There turned out to be just two things on the whole menu that we could order.

And it top it all off they put a salt rim on my Tommy’s Margarita. Tommy’s Margarita’s most definitely do not have salt rims.

So we ate our meagre offerings and drank our salted cocktails, then I convinced my ex-nephew to walk home via a bar for a gin and tonic to make amends.

And so I’ve decided I want to open a restaurant called GF. I figure there are gluten-free restaurants out there, but the world could do with another one. I’d love to create a place where a coeliac could walk in and relax, knowing there’s not a single skerrick of gluten anywhere on the premises.

I might wait for the hospitality skills crisis to subside though.

I informed DD that I would be starting lots of businesses if I won the lottery and he said I wouldn’t need to start lots of businesses if I won the lottery and I said I wouldn’t be doing it to make money, I’d be doing it for fun.

Anyways, apart from dreaming about starting lots of businesses, I had a relatively quiet weekend that involved a few walks with friends, an evening of takeaway Thai and music videos with DD and lots of tapping on the computer.

And now it’s Monday. It’s going to be a massive week on the work front – I am trembling slightly at the mere thought of it.

Giddy up.

Song of the day: Crowded House “It’s only Natural” (one of the YouTube videos we played on Saturday night and one of the happiest clips ever)

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  1. I love your crazy business ideas! I think a GF restaurant would be amazing and is much needed, so people can enjoy a range of choices and relax in the knowledge that there’s no cross-contamination.

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