The big event

I took the youngest to Parliament House yesterday to be presented with her bronze medal for skipping in the International Open Tournament.

It was very entertaining to receive the invitation to the soiree, which announced that the Minister for Sport would be handing out the medals.

The Minister for Sport is also the Minister for Tourism, so he’s technically kinda sorta my boss. I’ve been Ministerial Liaison Officer at a couple of events with him, but I decided not to do the whole maaaate great to see ya thing at the medal ceremony.

Mainly because I was pretty sure he’d have no idea who I was.

His lovely Senior Media Adviser Claudia recognised me though and we shot the breeze about the randomness of my off-duty appearance at Parli.

That’s the youngest with the Minister and you can also see her in the poster on the left, mid skip during their four-person freestyle routine.

The category she won a medal for was three-person double dutch freestyle.

The Minister was very nice to all the kids, but the youngest was more excited to see her Aunty Kate, who popped down after giving a speech upstairs, as she’s a sitting member (from the other side of the fence to my kinda sorta boss).

Anyways, after scoffing a few party pies in the hallowed halls and having a quick catch up with my ex sister-in-law, I hooned off to collect my brother in law for a tour of Manly Spirits Company and a tasting of their new whisky range. The two events weren’t meant to clash, but the original booze launch had to be cancelled due to flooding.

It pretty much hasn’t stopped raining since the original date, but fortunately the streets weren’t under water.

DD met us there and we proceeded to taste the five whiskies in their new collection. The boys love their whisky, so they had a fine old time.

Here’s a pic of DD and I with the co-founder Vanessa, who was a lovely host. She said she’s thrilled the business has grown for many reasons, including the fact she can now afford to hire staff rather than working from 8am to 11pm every day.

The event was held at the distillery in Brookvale, which was a fab spot for a hump day tipple.

Our favourite drops were the Port Cask Whisky and the Pinot Noir Cask Whisky. Although I only had teeny, tiny sips because I was the designated driver.

Poor me! Wow this week has been a whirl. And today will be no different. I’d better get cracking.

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a winner”

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