I wouldn’t put it past me

I wouldn’t put anything past me, but it seems unlikely that I will get COVID again in the very immediate future.

That said … I’ve read about a few poor souls getting it twice in month …

Anyways, my recent recovery from COVID means I feel less nervous than normal about going out. There’s just the pesky problem of being absolutely floored by post-COVID fatigue.

Google tells me that, depending on the seriousness of the COVID-19 infection, fatigue may last up to three weeks. For some people with a severe infection, the brain fog-like fatigue can linger for months.

I’m hoping for the three weeks scenario, although it’s proving to be an excellent excuse not to do any housework.

But enough with the whining – someone telling you how tired they are is very dull. Let’s talk about how I went to the 100th birthday of my friend’s Tall Ship last night.

Having a friend with a Tall Ship sounds fabulous, doesn’t it darling?

(The mayor also offered to drop off coffee when I was in isolation … which sounds equally fabulous! The kids have introduced me to some very impressive – and lovely – school mums over the years.)

You might remember that I’ve been helping my friend publicise the 100th birthday of her Tall Ship. (If you don’t, here’s a refresher). So she invited me to the party last night to say thank you.

Forgive the blowing of my own trumpet, but I felt a bit proud of myself during the celebration because I helped connect the Danish brewer Carlsberg with the Danish tall ship The Southern Swan (back in the 1950s it transported barley for the brewery), which cruised past the Danish designed Sydney Opera House during the party.

I contacted Carlsberg, which agreed to provide the beer for the big day, plus a few flags for the ship to fly.

It’s been a tough few years for those in the tourism industry, so I was really glad to lend a hand.

Carlsberg also sent along a few photographers and a videographer, who captured the events of evening – I can’t wait to see their footage. In the meantime, here are a few photos that DD and I took:

It was a gorgeous time to be on the Harbour and lovely to be cruising at sunset with DD. Captain Marty was quite the character, giving his speech standing on the stern, steering the boat with his bare foot!

Sadly, I felt pretty crook by the end of it. I had a couple of glasses of rose on board and my stomach still can’t handle alcohol, while the rest of my body is struggling with any sort of exertion.

Damn you COVID. But happy birthday to the Southern Swan. It was wonderful to be part of her big milestone.

I thoroughly recommend a cruise on a Sydney Tall Ship as a summer treat.


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