Special gifts

I think you’d heard enough COVID ranting from me for a while, so I’ve decided to blog about something happier: my Christmas presents.

Christmas feels like a lifetime ago, but DD’s gift to me was pretty unforgettable: a painting of Neil Finn. It’s by a caricature artist called Mark Tippett, who has entered the Bald Archy Prize 10 times, each time a finalist.

As a special bonus, DD added his commemorative program from the final Crowded House concert at Sydney Opera House, which I couldn’t attend in 1996 for some reason lost in time.

I think it’s very sweet that he gave me a portrait of my first crush … and, while it’s a little startling to wake up to a giant Finn face staring at me each morning, I’m getting used to it.

Oh, DD also built me a new gate for Christmas, which was very much appreciated. I’d only asked for the old gate to be rehung – so it could actually shut after being shoulder-charged 50 times by tradies during my renovation – but DD decided it was time for a gate on a metal frame that wouldn’t sag.

That was a sweaty, unpleasant job. Thank you DD.

The youngest organised click-and-collect gifts for me. Her dad picked them up because we were in pre-flight iso – a pair of Nike thongs and a food dehydrator. Nike thongs really are worth the money. Cheap ones give me blisters within minutes, Nikes don’t. As for the food dehydrator, we haven’t cracked it out of the box yet – too knackered by COVID – but we’re looking forward to whacking some fruit and veg in it soon.

The eldest bought me a lovely roll-on fragrance, some essential oil and a turquoise ring.

I decided I was jack of buying gifts for the kids to give my ex husband, so I handed them $50 each and told them to knock themselves out.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I gave him a G&T kit, with a bottle of craft gin, some tonic and two glasses.

As for what I gave DD, I bought him a roughly hewn wooden bowl for his dining table, plus a runner, three wooden birds for his dresser and a photo album of our year together. He also got a booze basket with a wine cooler, a wine chilling stick, some prosecco, some Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur (you MUST taste it, yuuuum) and four Champagne glasses.

All other gift giving has been put on hold because my family’s Christmas celebration was cancelled due to COVID, then I went overseas for actual Christmas and then we rescheduled it for this weekend, but we’ve had to cancel yet again because of COVID.

I wonder what Christmas 2022 will hold? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was COVID and stress free?

In the meantime, I hope your weekend is COVID and stress free.

PS I’m feeling a bit better and have managed to do three full days of work. I really hope the fatigue subsides soon. Oh, and the nausea and low appetite isn’t great either, although it’s probably a great way to kick off a diet.

PPS The songs of the day will return soon, I’m still feeling too foggy to think about tunes.

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