Tensions run high

I forgot to write a blog post yesterday. I’ve been so flat out that it slipped my mind.

And then my NBN went on the fritz.

I freaked out. Not because I wasn’t posting a blog, I figured the world would survive without me doing that for a day.

The reason my anxiety levels went through the roof was because I had a very big day on the work front and not having the internet just didn’t fit with the plan.

I tried hotspotting, but it didn’t work. I was worried that it wasn’t working because I was old and crap with technology, but the youngest couldn’t figure it out either.

So I slapped on a mask and dashed to my sister’s house to put some extra strain on her wifi – she was working remotely alongside her ex-husband’s wife, who’d also rocked up due to issues at her place.

The house was filled with the sounds of frenetic typing, leading the four-year-old son of my sister’s ex to demand his own keyboard so he could tap along with us.

The NBN was restored around midday and I bolted home again for a Teams meeting. I am not enjoying the sight of myself in Teams meetings. The left side of my face has sagged more than the right side of my face and I look blah.

I’m pretty sure no one in the Teams meetings would notice because they didn’t know me before my face sagged.

However, I knew me when nothing sagged, so I am having a difficult time adjusting. Can Santa please bring me a facelift for Christmas?

Last night I took the kids to the beach for a Christmas barbie before we go into travel lockdown. Trying to get tested before we fly will be interesting because Histopath’s payments button and “contact us” button both appear to have been disabled. And when you call you get a message saying that you are being automatically disconnected because they can’t cope.

So I am just going to turn up, wait for a lifetime in the queue and hope for the best.

Wish me luck.

OK, gotta go. I have a press release to thrash out before I hit the road.

Song of the day: ABBA “Take a chance on me”

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