Lost for words

So, that superspreader event is getting a bit hairy in Newcastle … but that’s not what I’m lost for words about.

(Though I hope they charge the person who ignored self-isolation rules after being part of a party boat outbreak in Sydney and instead visited Argyle House to start a new cluster there.)

(And its pretty confronting that the NSW health minister reckons we could be at 25,000 COVID cases a day by the end of January. Gulp.)

I’m lost for words because I wrote soooooooooooo many things yesterday that my brain almost exploded.

There were press releases and LinkedIn updates and briefing documents and newsletters and articles on various websites and endless other wordy stuff.

My eyes hurt, my fingers hurt, my chest hurt. It was relentless.

And I am out of inspiration for today’s blog post. My creativity has been sucked dry.

I escaped my desk briefly to drive the youngest and her surfboard to her high school so she could say goodbye to her favourite teacher before she hit the waves.

He wrote every kid in his class a Christmas card with individual messages about what he’d enjoyed most about teaching them. He said something about the youngest being a positive force who made him laugh every day. That made the youngest cry!

So she dragged me to Bunnings on Tuesday night to buy a terracotta pot for him, which she painted with poppies because he’s a war veteran, then she planted a succulent in it. She said he loved it and almost cried when she gave it to him.

The teacher, the youngest and I are all very sad that she has left her wonderful high school at Narrabeen to return to her old high school.

The things we do to be closer to skipping training and get a better ATAR.

After work, I popped up to ALDI to grab some of their cocktail-themed Christmas specials, but the deliveries had been held up, so I had to make do with prosecco-infused marshmallows and a packet of duck ravioli. ALDI really is the most delightfully unexpected place to buy things you really don’t need.

Then I hit the computer again for a few more hours.


OK, I’ve gotta go and dredge a few more words out of myself during another busy day in the office.

PS Has anyone had their COVID booster shots yet? I’m keen to get one.

Song of the day: Elvis Costello “Every day I write the book”

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