More exciting news!

These legends just got a Bronze medal at the IJRU 2021 International Open Skipping Tournament.

I am very proud!

Due to COVID, the competition was delayed and virtual. Rather than flying to Canada to compete, the girls had to film their routine and send it to the international judges to be evaluated. Lockdowns made that a bit tricky, but they’ve come through with the goods.

It’s an excellent routine … mind you, I’m very biased.

This is the team competing at the State Skipping Championships earlier this year, a couple of mistakes, but still fab.

The youngest also backed up for her second Year 10 formal last night. Below is an approved pic. I was in sooooooo much trouble for running an unapproved one last time.

She apparently spent most of the night barefoot because the heel broke on her shoe.

OK, gotta go. It’s supposed to finally be my first day on the new job.

Fingers crossed there aren’t any more glitches … I’ve already embarrassed myself by calling IT to say my password was incorrect … so they changed it ,.. and I said it still wasn’t working … and they asked me if I’d connected the laptop to the wifi … er, no …

Oooooops. I’m blaming it on being fairly inexperienced in using laptops and the stress of the humidity destroying expensive formal blow dries.

The IT bloke was very polite about my daftness, though I’m pretty sure he secretly wanted to swear under his breath.

OK, I’ve got this … catch you tomorrow.

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