I won’t do this justice

I was about to tell a bloke last night – who I thought was the head of Coopers Brewing – how much I admired his beer brand when I felt a twinge of uncertainty.

I whispered in the ear of the woman standing beside me: “Is that Tim Cooper or Anthony Albanese?”

It was Anthony Albanese. The leader of the Australian Labor Party.

So I told him how awesome I thought his campaign launch was … and about the time Tanya Pilbersek turned up at my house for dinner on the wrong night and I opened the door in pyjamas …

Have I mentioned that incident before?


Anyways. So. Last night I met Anthony Albanese.

He looks like this:

Tim Cooper looks like this:

Yeah, I know. About the only thing they have in common is that they’re both middle aged.

Anthony, Tim and I were at a party together to celebrate Chuck Hahn’s 50 years in brewing, which was held at the Squire’s Landing at Circular Quay.

Anthony seemed like a thoroughly nice fellow. I really do hope he wins.

Anyways, it was such a surreal night. I went to Christmas drinks with Morris Whisky first, then Chuck’s party and I loved it. I hadn’t been expecting to love it because I went on my own to both events.

It’s a bit harrowing to walk into a room of strangers and socialize, but I seem to have gotten the hang of it.

I didn’t take any selfies with CEOs this time, but I did hug the MD of Lion.

I would not have said we were on hugging terms prior to that moment, but it was that kind of night.

The party at Squire’s Landing was Lion’s third attempt at a celebration, as the previous two events were cancelled due to COVID, meaning it’s almost Chuck’s 51st year in brewing.

Dr Charles “Chuck” Hahn – spent a decade with the Coors Brewing Company in Colorado before moving to Australia in 1981. He established the Hahn Brewery, which was then Australia’s largest microbrewery, in 1988. It became part of Lion in 1993.

Chuck (pictured main) is now 75 and still brewing! He gave a lovely speech. As did the MD of Lion.

I had bulk fun, I laughed all the way home in the cab as I thought about it.

But let me rewind …

I was supposed to start my new job at 8am yesterday, but the login details for my laptop hadn’t arrived. I wanted to wait until I’d actually kicked off work before telling you my employer’s name.

At this stage I’m still in limbo, but I figure I might as well fess up.

I’m doing a six-month gig at Destination NSW in their corporate comms department.

I’m very excited, both because it’s tourism related and also all the awesome things that are being announced by the department. Stay tuned!

I can’t start work today either because I have the youngest’s second year 10 formal. Blimey. There are nails to be painted and hair to be styled and drop offs to be made.

Oh, and Destination NSW forgot to do a police check on me. So I was frantically submitting four forms of ID at 11pm last night.

Hopefully I start tomorrow.

Instead of starting work yesterday, I boggled at this photo that was posted in a local Facebook group. This is what happened to someone who parked under my neighbourhood supermarket over the weekend …

What the faaaaark?

Fortunately no one stole my crappy wheels, as I had to pick up the youngest from school to get her to work on time (only about three of those mad trips to go before school ends). The new school (she’s heading back to her old school next year) also contacted me asking if the youngest was “a reader” and whether she’d be interested in being in an extension English class.

I decided not to tell them she’s never read a book in her life and politely declined their nice offer.

Then I headed in the city for the Morris Whisky Christmas drinks at a bar called Old Mate’s Place.

Old Mate’s Place is a rooftop cocktail bar in Clarence Street in the city.

It is a very cool establishment. Co-incidentally, a young whippersnapper I’ve been working with told me about it last week and urged me to check it out. Gotta love doing it on someone else’s tab.

Australia’s most famed fortified winemaker, Morris of Rutherglen, launched a range of whiskies matured in its barrels earlier this year.

The whisky is produced in regional Victoria at Morris of Rutherglen and crafted with 100% local ingredients, using a carefully restored, original hybrid copper pot and column still that has been on site at Morris since 1941.

Production of the whisky commenced in 2016 in the still, which was previously used for making base spirits for Morris fortified wines. Meticulously restored, it has been named Aurora, after the princess in Sleeping Beauty, who was awoken after close to a century of slumber.

The resulting liquids created by Aurora have seen Morris win lots of awards.

I had a lovely chinwag with the Scottish bloke who’s been hired as their head distiller. I have very fond memories of his new home in Rutherglen – I’ve spent many happy days there over the years at wineries and restaurants, as my ex’s parents live in nearby Albury.

I also met an awesome Mexican bartender and her boss and bombarded them with chitter chat while imbibing the most delicious Old Fashioned cocktail with a cute little piece of marmalade toast on top.

I may have also sipped a Morris highball …

I am wondering if I should rename my blog “Ode to my liver”.

Song of the day: Dave Dobbyn “Slice of heaven” (it was playing the cab on the way home, such a happy song)

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