Staying hip

I celebrated the anniversary of my third month in lockdown by buying myself a second-hand egg chair on Saturday.

Well, I didn’t really buy it for myself. The youngest has been begging for a hammock chair for the back deck. I figured my old bones wouldn’t cope with sitting in one of them, should I ever fancy taking in the air, so I upgraded to a hanging egg chair.

DD and I collected it in our wetsuits after having a quick dip at the beach in the rain.

The woman selling it has two kids a couple of years older than mine. She’s downsizing to an apartment nearby because she’s tired of cleaning the pool and gardening.

The egg chair had been hanging in her daughter’s room. There’s no room for it at her new place.

We also discussed schools and teens doing the HSC and now nice it would be to live closer to the beach … while DD quietly strapped the egg chair to his roof racks.

I’m not sure he said a single word, but the woman and I animatedly shared our life stories in five minutes.

Women are from Venus.

Speaking of my old bones … do you remember me saying I thought I had arthritis in my hip? Well, I think it was just a terrible pillow. I bought a Tontine that was supposedly “medium”, but turned out to be flatter than a pancake. Every night my hip got worse and worse, but it was only when my neck started hurting too and I woke every morning with a cracking headache that I thought maybe my stupid new pillow was to blame.

I switched back to my old, yellowed one and not only did my head stop hurting, but so did my hip. Alignment is everything.

The hip is still slightly dodgy – not helped by slipping on some loose gravel on one of my weekend bushwalks – but it’s not keeping me awake at night.

In other weekend news, someone posted in my local Facebook group that they needed help catching a wallaby in their street.

Sorry, what?

I’ve watched the dashcam footage of it crossing my busy street and it’s very lucky to be alive. It also hopped along the street near my favourite coffee shop (above).

I’ve lived in my suburb – just 15 minutes from Sydney CBD – for more than 15 years and I’ve never seen a wallaby around here before. Apparently the poor thing got injured, so I’m hoping the vet that’s caring for it can help.

Were there any unexpected highlights in your weekend?

And now another week begins. I have a couple of job interviews and I’m doing the communications for the virtual launch of a local business. It’s going to be frantic.

Better get cracking …

Song of the day: Huey Lewis “Hip to be square”

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