We’ve been busy

There’s been some serious DIY action at my house over the past week.

I built a wine rack over the fridge … which took all of 15 minutes with a Clever Cubes kit from Bunnings. The most complicated part was tracking down the necessary bits, which involved trekking to Gladesville as all the stores around my way were sold out.

While we were at Bunnings, the youngest grabbed a plank of pine and some supports, plus a can of stain and made herself a shelf above her bed (pictured main). She showed me various inspiration pics she’d been collecting on her phone to prove it wasn’t a whim.

Her dad was roped in to secure the shelf to the wall and I hid at DD’s while the job was being done to avoid any fireworks during the fiddly operation.

When she sent me a photo of the final product, I was very impressive.

Meanwhile, anyone walking past our house would swear that Christian Grey had moved his Red Room into my garage, as the eldest is selling clothes and accessories on eBay and has been hanging them in front of the window for photographing. For some reason the studded number remained there for an extended amount of time.

The eldest has also been experimenting with painting designs onto singlets with bleach and the results have been amazing. One singlet sold in less than two hours.

Oh, and The Purveyor, AKA my brother-in-law, is installing a piece of leftover carpet from his Choices Flooring showroom in my back room today. It’s all happening.

I could do without another bout of vertigo hitting me at the same time – it’s hard shifting furniture around when everything keeps tilting and swooping. But, as for the rest … Woo-hoo!

Song of the day: Blur “Song 2”

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