That makes no sense

The cranky youngest arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning, complaining her dad didn’t have anything suitable for her lunchbag at his place.

She expected me to solve the problem out of my fridge or pantry.

Not a simple task as the youngest is currently sugar and dairy free – through choice, not allergy issues.

She reads the ingredients labels of EVERYTHING with a fine tooth comb, so even Latina Napoli sauce and spaghetti was rejected as it has sugar listed on the side of the tub.

Also complicating matters was that since she’s off to ski camp this morning, I didn’t factor her into my grocery shopping … well, other than doing an exhorbitantly expensive snack run over the weekend for the trip, which included searching for sugar and dairy free chocolate. Oh, the rolling my eyes did.

Believe it or not, Woolies does sell one type.

The youngest was very cross that I had nothing for her lunch … and time was getting away from us – I had to go to work to pay for all the expensive grocery shopping trips in my future.

I suggested buying something from the canteen, but was informed it was a den of sugar and lactose evil.

We stood stumped in the kitchen for a few minutes until the youngest declared she’d had a brainwave: a sausage roll from the neighbourhood bakery.

It seems that while the sausage rolls from the school canteen aren’t to be trusted, those from the local bakery get the thumbs up.

I decided not to enter into the argument over why sugar was verboten and sausage rolls were not.

“Healthy” eating obviously has very rubbery rules when you are a teenager, but my priority was getting something into the lunchbox and my kid through the school gate before the bell.

The final trying moment came when I pulled up at the bakery and handed the youngest a $5 note. She was horrified that I expected her to get out of the car and purchase the sausage roll for herself.


And that was school lunch sorted. Thank heavens I don’t need to organise another one until next Wednesday.

In other news, I went to the launch of Coopers Vintage Ale 2019 at the Arthouse Hotel in the city last night. I don’t like the city or beer so it was a bit of an effort.

But the Coopers blokes are so lovely – we talked each other’s ears off – and I had a few sips of the ale, which seemed like something you’d really enjoy if you were into beer and clocks in at an impressive 7.5% ABV.

Here are some snaps … I appeared in lots more, but geez I looked not great, so I’ve only included the vaguely acceptable ones.


OK, gotta go drop the youngest to the ski bus, no time for a song of the day.

Catch ya tmw!

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