My little holiday

I was reminded over the weekend that getting a holiday glow doesn’t require spending wads of cash or standing naked  a fake tan booth.

DD and I had the most glorious afternoon on Saturday. When the date ended I told him it felt like we’d been on holidays, even though it was just a few hours break from our too-busy lives.

We kicked off with lunch at a new Malaysian restaurant that’s opened near his place. Malaysian is my favourite international cuisine on the planet. We had curry and roti, plus char kway teow, and shared a Diet Coke.

Then we headed to a local “secret” beach that DD’s been keeping from me: Bungan.

There’s no carpark at Bungan and you have to be in the know about where to find the steep path that leads down to the surf club.

I can’t say DD was thrilled to go for a swim, but he braved it for a few minutes to keep me company. I loved it, even though it was bloody cold in the water.

I’ve decided I’d quite love to have a dream house overlooking Bungan. It has a far north coast vibe that makes you feel like you’ve escaped the rat race.

Climbing back up the steep path was a little challenging, but we managed it and headed back to DD’s for a hot shower before racing off for a sunset cruise from Palm Beach to Ettalong.

The ferry ride is one of DD’s favourite things. I’m quite fond of it myself.

We didn’t hop off at Ettalong, just stayed on the ferry for the round trip, then popped over to Barrenjoey House to sip a glass of wine and nibble on a little plate of very expensive fried calamari as we watched the last rays of the sun disappeared over Pittwater.

Then it was home to curl up on the sofa and watch the news together – I can’t remember the last time I watched the news – before I headed back to my place to assist with the youngest’s nasal wash.

OK, the last bit wasn’t bulk fun, but the rest of it was pretty close to perfect.

I felt so smiley.

Here are my happy snaps. I really like the selfie of DD and I because it looks like I think we look … unlike the horror that looking photos of myself usually induces:


I hope you had a great one too!




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