Soft, medium or firm?

DD declared our ocean dip yesterday the “swim of the season”.

After fielding my miserable texts for a few days he suggested I immerse my whining butt in the sea, so I got in the bloody car AGAIN and drove to the Northern Beaches for a quickie visit.

Bilgola Beach put on a sensational show: crystal clear water, gentle waves, warm temperature, brilliant blue sky, soft sunshine …

It felt fantastic. We got DD’s mum in the water for a while, then bobbed around ourselves for ages. Despite the gentle waves, I still managed to get myself skittled by them twice … cough, splutter … but it was still divine.

Speaking of divine … why the fark do I keep seeing people spell it “devine”, even on official websites and stuff? Geez it brings out the cranky sub-editor in me.

OK, OK, it doesn’t take much to bring out the cranky anything in me this week, but I’m working on that.

A decent night’s sleep will help, which is why I’ve decided to go to a mattress sale this weekend and put one on my credit card.

Oh my aching back! The 12-year-old mattress just isn’t cutting it with my 51-year-old body, so I’m going to be reckless with my plastic.

My local Forty Winks is offering 40% off all its queen sized mattresses and I’m there, even if I can’t afford to be.

Soft, medium or firm? Decisions, decisions …

In other random news, I instructed the eldest to send me a selfie from the sleepover they attended last night – as proof of arrival – and was treated to the sight of another doppelgänger.

You know how I met their carbon copy at the high school open day the other week … well there’s another one! I showed the youngest and she agreed the only difference between the eldest and their friend Morgan was a slightly different hairdo. Add a few spikes with some hair product and NATCH.

Same-ish face, same-ish black T-shirt, same-ish neck chain, same-ish goofy grin …


As for booze news, I was still searching for my final alcohol- related story for my weekly newsletter at 9pm last night.

Not surprisingly, very little happens in the world of drinks during a week that includes Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day.

By the time I pressed “send” it wasn’t feeling like I’d just had a week’s holiday, especially after that killer 10-hour road trip the day before.

I’m definitely cutting down on my days away next time – though gawd knows when that will be – in favour of spending the accommodation money on an airfare.

And last but not least in today’s ramble: happy birthday to my mum, who turns … I’d better not say as she might cut me out of the will … today. My sister is driving up the freeway for lunch with her at the local pub, but I’m stuck at my desk doing another day of booze writing … plus I’m not sure I’m quite ready to spend four hours in the car.

The main pic is me with my mum when I was a baby. My holiday cheeks are currently rivalling those chubba bubba ones.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: Australian Crawl “Reckless”











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